Be a Successful Business Person with Proper Car Wash Equipment & Car Washer

I had plans of starting a small-sized car wash business; though, I was worried about its success. I had no experience and I also did not have necessary cleaning equipment. I read of about the efficiency of automatic car wash machine and I was looking for a reliable supplier. The reputation of Manmachine Works precedes itself. The executives of this organization listened to my necessities. They did not try to sale the car wash equipment without proper information.


They suggested two automatic Car Washers – HRC PRO and HRK PRO. I considered the HRC PRO to be suitable for the requirements of my small business. Manmachine delivered some useful cleaning accessories along with this automatic car washer. The HRC PRO seemed like a blessing for my car-cleaning business. My small-sized business has grown into a moderate-sized business venture within one year.

Useful Cleaning Accessories & Chemicals

The HRC PRO is Manmachine’s proprietary high-pressure car washing machine. It has helped me clean 20-25 cars every day. Its Annovi Reverberi pump runs tirelessly and all day long. This machine ships with four useful accessories, but I needed to purchase a few other essential accessories. I also found neutral cleaning agents on Manmachine Works’ website. These chemicals are applicable with HRC PRO and have helped me clean the cars without any damage.

Bubble Mouse

I purchased this highly concentrated neutral car-cleaning shampoo through Manmachine. Its foamy cleaning elements quickly dissolve the grease and dirt particles. This product is pH neutral and has no harmful solvents or alkali. I have used the Bubble Mouse to clean the surface paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and plastics products. This cleaning agent dries up quickly. It prevents the formation of water stains or calcium rings on the car’s surface.


Foam Bottle

This useful accessory was not available with HRC PRO. I purchased it separately from Manmachine. I can attach this useful accessory to the Gun System of HRC PRO and can efficiently soap the cars. I mix Bubble Mouse with water within the bottle. I use the Gun System to spray gentle mists of foam over the cars’ exterior surface and wheels. This bottle has a large screw cap for easy refilling. The Sight-window of this bottle indicates the level of remaining soap. This bottle also helps me adjust the spray patter with its useful mechanism.

Extended Lance & Gun System

The 500 mm long Lance of HRC PRO has not only helped me clean the roof and back of the car. It has also helped me clean the hubcaps, inside the wings/fenders and the tyre treads. I need to attach this lance to the Gun System for easy maneuvering. The long trigger of this Gun System has helped me maintain accurate and consistent flow of water during washing.

The textured grip of the trigger has reduced the chance of any accident due to slippage. The special shape and diameter of the Nozzle’s orifice has helped me wash the cars with gentle spray of water. The nozzle of this car washer can clean toughest stains and dirt particles without damaging the exterior paint, glass-based products or accessories of any car.


How to Properly Wash Your Car to Maintain its Value

It is recommended to wash your vehicle at least once a week to keep dirt and other pollutants from damaging the paint surface. Care needs to be exercised when washing your vehicle with car wash pressure pump to prevent scratching the paint. When you are preparing for a car wash you will need a bucket, car-sponge, chamois cloth and car-care wash and a hose. Avoid using dishwashing liquid because it contains ingredients that are not suitable to wash your car. Before you start washing, you should focus on a suitable car wash pressure pump to make the waterflow more effective in cleaning. You can use single or double cylinder car washer pump. A single cylinder is suitable for smaller cars while a double cylinder effectively cleans heavy-duty vehicles and larger cars.

Car wash under shade

It is always best to wash your car in the shade to avoid water spots from forming. This happens when a wet car quickly dries in the sun. Begin to hose the entire car before using the soapy sponge to remove dirt. This is important because the water will remove any loose dirt on the paint’s surface that could otherwise scratch your car.

Start with roof

Wash from the roof of your car in a descending order. It does not matter what side you start from, be sure not to wash the rims and tires with the same cloth. This could cause cross-contamination and when you are finished washing with the car washer pump spray off the soap. Using a separate cloth wash the surface of the rim and in between the rim design. For the tires, use a scrubbing brush; which is a hard bristle brush made of synthetic material. This is great for getting off hard stains from your tires.


When you are spraying the tyres; vigorously spray the inside of the wheel-well where dirt tends to cake. Continue spraying the underside of your vehicle as far as you can reach and be careful not to let water enter the exhaust pipe. Believe it or not car owners use the hose to clean the car’s muffler because of the soot that had accumulated around the tip. It ended up costing him a new exhaust system.


It is now time to dry your vehicle. Use a micro-fiber cloth because absorbs water pretty good. Start drying by clearing off the excess water in a top-to-bottom motion which resembles moving in a straight line. After every sweep, wring out the cloth and repeat until all excess water is removed. Dry your car with an up and down motion to see moisture gradually disappear from the surface. Open the trunk, the hood and all the doors to dry the inside and leave it open to air dry. Wash out the cloth and finish up by drying the windows. Now stand back and admire the freshly washed car.

Following this advice will keep your car looking great for years. It will also help to maintain the resell value of your car.

Significance of Car Washers and Car Care Tips

Today, owning a car is no longer a luxury with the availability of different automobile manufacturers. However, it is important to take care of your vehicle for its optimal performance. A routine maintenance program should be followed to extend the life of vehicles.


Important Car Maintenance Tips:


Some of the most important ways to care for your automobile includes the following.


  • Wash: Like all equipment, it is necessary to clean and wash automobiles effectively. There are different types of car washer machine available, today. These are easy to install and operate. Different hand-held car washer models can be easily availed from online stores for an affordable price.


  • Oiling: Another important tip to consider is oil change. It is important to change the oil every three to six months to ensure the efficiency of the engine.


  • Tune Up: It is also pertinent to check the air filter, spark filter, emission control filters and fuel filters regularly so that the engines produce low level of emission. It is also necessary to check the engines so that it delivers balanced power.


  • Hoses and Belts: It is also important to check the hoses and belts to ensure there are no cracks and loose connections which are mainly caused due to excessive usage.


  • Battery: Automobile care also includes the performance check of the automobile batteries. It is necessary to use batteries which are corrosion free and clean so as to ensure optimum performance.


  • HVAC System: It is also necessary to check the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system of the vehicles so that it heats and cools appropriately.


  • Waxing: Automobiles need to be waxed twice in a year so that it appears chic and well maintained.


  • Tire Maintenance: With regular use, the car tires wear out so it is important to rotate them. Wheels need to be aligned to obtain maximum performance.


Various Types of Car Washers:


Many of the online stores showcase a variety of car washer which include different features. Some of the most important features include the following.


Effective Cleaning: These washers can be used to clean vehicles thoroughly with its twin piston pumps.


Less Water Usage: Compared to the other cleaning devices, it utilizes less amount of water for cleaning purposes.


Fan Spray: Most of these devices use fan sprays jets to clean automobiles and its parts. As it includes a large amount of pressure, it provides effective cleaning solutions.


Less Time: In comparison to the other types of cleaning devices, it requires less amount of time to clean the surfaces of vehicles.


Long Service Life: Most equipment lasts for a long period of time compared to the other types of cleaning devices available online.


Car washers can be bought based on various specifications which include type of drive, LPM, working pressure, RPM, delivery per gun and motor power.

Bring Profit to Your Business with Most Trusted Car Washer Machine Company

The Manmachine Works Reputation of any car-cleaning business depends upon the efficiency of the personnel and the equipments. The Manmachine Works can improve the efficiency of your cleaning staff with its advance car washer systems. These devices use pressurized jets of water to make the cars spotless within minutes. The pressurized jets can loosen the grime/dirt particles from the cars within minutes without causing any damage to the surface. You can also clean the engine compartment using these pressurized jets, as the jets of water can easily remove the residue of grease. The Manmachine Group even has a structured program to train the car-cleaning personnel on how to efficiently handle the car washer machine.

Exclusive Features

Strong Body

Manmachine Works has two efficient car-washers using high-pressured jets of water. You can use these semi-automatic machines to clean either 20-25 cars or 35-40 cars per day. The HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO car washer cleaning machine uses 25-degree nozzle to create a larger fan of water. The jets of water put even pressure on the car’s surface and cause no damage. This 25-degree angle nozzle is also perfect for lifting of dirt and grime particles. The pressured jets of water are tough on the dirt; however, they are gentler on the surface.

Tough Hose

The 10-meter long hose-pipe attached to these washers also improves the efficiency of your cleaning personnel. They can clean different areas of the cars without moving this machine. This lightweight and flexible polyurethane hose develops no cracks under the extreme pressure of water-jets. You can use one hose to wash thousands of cars without fearing any damage.

Efficient Gun-System & Lance

Manmachine Works gives two different cleaning equipment with HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO washers. Your cleaning staff may use the gun-system to spray the lather of car-cleaning shampoo. They can use the device to spray anywhere on the car. They can use the lance to clean the lather and dirt particles using pressurized jets of water. They can even clean the cars’ roof using the 500-mm long lance. This car washer machine company also brings a specialized lance to clean under the chassis without lifting a car. These exclusive cleaning machines and accessories from the company bring profit to your business within a few days.

Transform the Dusty Machine to Glistening Chariot with Car Pressure Washers

Different types of High-pressure car washers are available in the market with the best ones with a motorized brush that doubles up cleaning power while the related effort becomes almost half of the original requirements. The washers are of two main types namely,

  • Petrol pressure
  • Electric pressure

The petrol variety tends to be quite powerful compared to the electric counterpart and the cleaning power is better as well. Sometimes the pressure might be too powerful so the electric variety is the most preferred among the users. In order to optimize the related results, the experts suggest not aiming at a single place for too long and use brush or fan nozzle. Keep this approx.. 20 cm from tires and maintain low to medium setting sticking to 110 bars and less.

high pressure car washer.jpg

Washers with the detergent intake are a good choice. One might choose not to use soap for cleaning but this does not give good results. Use soap and sponge followed by rinsing but the best option is the use of detergent intake as it is quite easy to do. Brush attachments are quite popular too because these ensure effective cleaning of the vehicle with thorough scrubbing. For the off-road cars, this is must have the attachment.

Buy High-pressure washers online and find one with adjustable power because this way the pressure never gets out of hand that might lead to damaged tires. Adjust power as needed while washing. Most desirable features for the washer thus include the following:

  • Powerful function
  • Multipurpose
  • Rotating brush availability
  • Power adjustment

Some washers contain both the rotating motorized brush and the standard brush. You enjoy top-level cleaning power with a motorized brush with deep cleaning effects. It helps you to reach all the crannies and nooks in the car quite easily. By looking around it is possible to find a washer that fits your budget and requirements. The low price varieties might not have a brush attachment but still, give you great flexibility of use. You will be able to move them exactly where needed on the car body effortlessly. Ease of use is a much-needed feature and so is an effective cleaning power.

High-pressure  Car washers open fantastic avenues for the vehicle owners so that they can keep it in top shape without sweating it out for hours on end. Whether you want to stick with the budget model or go for a more feature-rich high-end machine is up to you.

Quick Touch Less Top Car Wash

1. The system is provided with touchless top wash gantry with nine oscillating nozzles on a moving gantry covering every corner of the outer body, front to back and side washing in up and down cycles. It takes not more than one minute to wash the outer body and achievers good cleaning in dirtiest of the vehicles.
2. The complete system is provided with relay logic control for locating the vehicle and also selecting the vehicle length with an easy operating remote panel.
3. The plants are in rugged steel construction with powder coating / hot dip galvanizing for corrosion resistance and long life.The pump is positive displacement high-pressure pump of Italian origin. This ensures faster, efficient cleaning with low water consumption. The plant also has vehicle guide rail for secure placement of vehicle.

high pressure car washer.jpg


Customer scope
• Clear side with the civil structure as per our drawing.
• Electricity supply as per our requirement.
• Overhead tank water connection with pipeline tank to washing area.
• Independent earthing point for machine

Automatic Car Washers for Hassle-free Cleaning

Availability of different automobiles in the market has brought down their prices. Easy availability of car loans has also made it possible for people to enjoy the pleasure of a personal car. Subsequently, a majority of families today own at least one car, and there has been a significant increase in the demand for automatic car washers, too. The automatic car wash equipment is available for both commercial and for private vehicles.

Commercial Car Washers

The concept of commercial automatic car wash machine automatic has been present in the western countries for a long time. Nonetheless, in India, automatic commercial car washing services are today present in metropolitan cities. Such a service provides impeccable cleaning to cars without any physical effort. The primary benefits of using commercial car washers are:

  • You are spared from manually washing your car that requires countless hours of dusting, rinsing, prodding, and polishing.
  • The smooth and satisfying procedure of cleaning with commercial car washers makes the whole journey enjoyable.
  • You don’t have to wait for hours until cleaners manually clean and polish your car.
  • You don’t need to step out of your car while it’s getting cleaned. All you need to do is drive it on the conveyor belt and relax. The automatic car washers will take care of the rest.
  • Specially designed brushes fixed on the machines remove all kinds of stain from your car.
  • The enormous brushes placed horizontally on top polishes the head of your car effortlessly.
  • A gigantic rolling brush cleans the bottom side of your car. This brush cleans all the parts that are present on the bottom of your car; even the ones that can’t be reached manually.

Commercial automatic car washers help you spotlessly clean your vehicle, without you having to sweat it out.


The Personal Automatic Car Washers

The advancements in technology have presented us with another helpful tool called the personal car wash equipment. Personal car washers also give you flawless result. Some of the reasons why you should consider using personal automatic car washers are:

  • The brushless feature spares you from rubbing the entire surface of car manually. Thus, you get your car cleaned while keeping your hands happy at the same time.
  • Using brush or sponge can create minute scratches on your car surface. These scratches are made by tiny dust particles that are trapped inside the sponge. Such tiny marks can damage the external body of your car over the years.
  • The simultaneous high-pressure jets of hot and cold water used by personal car washer spares you from worrying about the car getting scratched.
  • Continuous rinsing doesn’t let the froth cake on the surface of your car.
  • Automatic washers require considerably lesser amount of water (about 150 liters) in comparison to manual car washing (about 400 liters).

With automatic car wash equipment, you can get a flawless performance, easily. However, dark-colored cars may get swirl marks on the body, but these can be removed by one sweep of a wet cloth.

Pros and Cons of High Pressure Car Washers

Washing your car manually can be a tiring task, especially if you have a busy professional life. However, keeping it clean is important, too. When it comes to cleaning their car, many people will tell you to use a high pressure car washer. Although, you should first know the pros and cons of using this equipment before you grab one and get to cleaning.


  • You can clean the vehicle’s exterior easily. A high-pressure car washer covers more surface area than regular car washers do. Hence, you can get rid of the dirt in no time at all.
  • It is common for leaves, small twigs, and mud to be stuck between the crevices. You cannot clean these areas with simple car washing. However, the pressure of water from pressure washers can dislodge these things from the gaps easily.
  • It is very difficult to get rid of the smudges, bird poops, and stains with just a brush or sponge. However, with pressure washer you will be able to remove all kinds of stains from your car. By using the right amount of pressure, shining your car is only a matter of seconds.
  • Claying, waxing, and polishing removes embedded contaminants and restores the luster of the damaged finish. This is done when you hand-wash your car. None of these steps are present in high pressure car washing.
  • A high-pressure car washer requires considerably lesser amount of water (approximately 50 gallons) in comparison to manual car washing (90 gallons).
  • Removing grease, resin, oil, etc. requires a large amount of cleaning detergents. With high a high pressure car washer, these marks can be removed without the help of any cleaning agent. This not only saves your money but also conserves your resources.


For optimum performance, first start with a low pressure and then increase it gradually to avoid any damages. Subsequently, we recommend using a high pressure car washer for your vehicle.

Every coin has two sides. So, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of using high pressure car washers.


  • There is always a risk of damaging the external body from the high pressure. Not only it can damage the paint, but can also create a dent; and getting car paint and dents fixed can cost a lot of money. This happens especially when you don’t adjust water pressure properly.
  • The pressure from these washers is too high. The kickback can be hard to control, and in the wrong hands, it can cause serious injuries. If you don’t know how to handle it properly, you might end up hurting someone.
  • A high pressure car washer is costly. In addition to that, you also have to consider the water bill and electricity bill. If it doesn’t run on electricity, then there are gas bills too.

Using a high pressure car washer makes the car washing task easy, but you will need to be extra cautious not to damage your car, else you can walk to a car washing shop to get your car cleaned with no efforts.

Car Vacuum Cleaner and Car Upholstery Cleaner

With the availability of different types of automobiles in the market, today, the demand for car upholstery cleaner has significantly increased. The car upholstery cleaners are available in the form of both simple upholstery cleaners and car vacuum cleaner.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the interior of your car can be tricky sometimes, especially if you travel with kids or pets. Cleaning the car becomes a tiring task, and so you should depend on branded car vacuum cleaners. They are usually handheld and cordless devices, giving you the convenience of cleaning every corner of your car. However, this is not the only benefit of car vacuum cleaners. Read on to explore further points.

  • There is always an ease of use when it comes to the car vacuum cleaner. All they have is a power on and off button.
  • You should use car vacuum cleaners for not just efficient cleaning but quick cleaning too.
  • You don’t have to worry about using electric power based cleaners only. There are three different types of car vacuum cleaners in market. First is the standard plug in cleaner for which you need a power output. Second is the battery operated vacuum cleaner; and the third one is automobile operated type that can be set up in the car itself.
  • Having a vacuum cleaner for car can be highly beneficial for cleaning up after long trips.
  • You can store these machines in your car’s boot. They are specially designed to fit into tiny places, and their compact size allows you to hold them easily with just one hand.
  • You can always get extra attachments for performance that is more superior. For example, if you want to clean dirt and dust from seats without rinsing it, you can opt for an attachment with brush at the end.
  • With the car vacuum cleaner you will be able to clean your car seats, carpets, coaches and other little messes easily.

vacuum upholstery cleaner

Car Upholstery Cleaner

Cleaning the upholstery of your car is not as simple as it seems. Removing spot marks and stains manually wastes a lot of your time as well as energy. With the help of car upholstery cleaner, you can perform the same job within a few minutes. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying car upholstery cleaner:

  • Using personal upholstery cleaner is comparatively much cheaper and efficient than hiring car cleaning services.
  • It is capable of removing even deep stains like pen ink or coffee from different corners of the car easily.
  • These are specially designed to help people clean their car in the fastest way possible.
  • You get quality cleaning of your upholstery without wasting much effort.

Before using car upholstery cleaner, make sure that you won’t have to use your car for next couple of hours. After all, who wants to sit in a wet and soapy car seat? Moreover, you might leave deeper stains if you use them while the fabric is still wet.

Keep Your Car Spotlessly Clean with Car Vacuum Cleaner and Upholstery Cleaner

It is hard for me to find leisure time between my office and my children. My busy schedule prevents me from properly cleaning my car’s interior. I may perform light dusting or clean the litter. It is not enough to keep the interior immaculate. I needed some exclusive cleaning machines and Manmachine Works delivered these devices to my doorstep.

I purchased the ARES 37/1 and this unique car vacuum cleaner has turned cleaning into an effortless task. Its efficient performance never let me feel exhausted. I even use this wet/dry vacuum cleaner to pick up liquid litters. I have recently purchased the ESTRO-125 car upholstery cleaner through Manmachine Works. This upholstery-cleaning machine has turned the fabric, vinyl and leather covers stain-free. The flawless performance of this machine amazed me and I now use this machine to clean the home textiles.

car vacuum cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

The ARES-37/1 opened my eyes and helped me visualize the real condition of my car’s interior. This machine helped me realize the difference between surface cleaning and thorough cleaning. I checked the polyester filter after my first use and the amount of dirt particles astonished me.

  • I removed the litters from my car’s interior and made it ready for vacuuming with ARES-37/1. I also removed the floor-mats and cleaned these items separately for intense dust-removal.
  • The removal of floor-mats made it easier for me to clean the car’s floor. I used the Dusting Brush of ARES-37/1 to clean the floor of my car. The long and soft bristles of this brush can remove the tiny and medium-sized debris with equal efficiency. This vacuum cleaner is capable of generating variable suction pressure and airflow. This feature has helped me clean the delicate areas without causing any damage.
  • I used the Crevice Tool to clean debris from tight corners, narrow spaces or hard-to-reach areas. I was able to operate this equipment easily due to its slim design. I cleaned the area around the clutch, the narrow grooves of AC, the buttons on dashboard and inner edges of car seats.
  • The unique shape of Crevice Tool helped me clean under the seats and the small space between the door and the seat. It also collected dust particles from seat linings.
  • I always clean the floor-mats in the end and Crevice Tool is the perfect device for this cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner can thoroughly clean my car’s interior; though, it cannot make the upholsteries spotless. I use neoprene and leather covers for my car’s seats. It is not hard to remove stains from neoprene covers. The leather stains easily if the colored material is not cleaned immediately. I purchased the ESTRO-125 car upholstery cleaner due to this reason.

  • This upholstery-cleaning machine uses Spray Extraction method to remove dirt and stains. One tube of the armchair nozzle carries detergent mixed solution onto the upholsteries. Another tube carries the extracted water from the seats to the machine.
  • I always use Manmachine’s proprietary chemical cleaning agent. This pH neutral and colorless cleaning solution has not damage the car’s upholsteries during cleaning.
  • The Armchair Nozzle helped me extract the dirt-filled solution immediately after cleaning. This unique mechanism allowed me to clean stains efficiently and has truly turned my car spotless.