Professional Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Waterless car vacuum cleaner wash developed in Romania is the first technology to eco-car washing without using water and one of the first launched in Europe. Waterless car washing or car dry cleaning is a new concept of washing and maintaining the vehicle. This new technique involves spraying a special solution on the body that encapsulates, detaches, and remove dust and dirt particles.


The commercial vacuum cleaner instantly dissolves dirt and grime by the phenomenon of emulsion. It involves cleaning the dirty surface with cloth before applying the cleaning products.

Dry vacuum cleaner is simply a revolutionary technology that involves using a complex mixture of organic ingredients for washing, polishing and protecting the car within 15-20 minutes WITHOUT USING WATER! No wonder, the car gets a brand new look and shine as if it is coming straight out of the showroom.

Some products used in the commercial vacuum cleaner are;

ARES 37/1 is used for wet & dry vacuum cleaning. It has a single stage motor that reaches up to 1400w of maximum power. This new product is eco-friendly it does not involve liquid spills and pollutant spills in sewage waste. It has a special feature called static and anti-slip effect that uses Carnauba VAX polish to keep you car clean for a long time. What’s more, this brilliant commercial vacuum cleaner consumes less water and saves precious reserves of drinking water, too.

EXCEL M – 77/2 is ideal for professional cleaning, with two double stage motors reaching up to 2600w of maximum power. This commercial vacuum cleaner when used renders an instant shine while quickly and efficiently cleaning the car. This product works more quickly than washing, drying, polishing in the traditional way. A waterless washing with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner is cheaper than an automatic washing. The microfiber towels can be reused hundreds of times, so the cost is negligible.

What’s more EXCEL M – 77/2 does not contain toxic or hazardous substances instead derived from petroleum or VOCs. (VOCs = volatile organic compounds). It contains silicon or wax and is completely safe, biodegradable, and 100% organic.

3-Phase Induction Motor is ideal for an intensive and continuous cleaning of a vehicle or space. Equipped with a 3.0kw Three-Phase turbine you can use this commercial vacuum cleaner anywhere: in the garden, in front of a building, at work, on the vehicle, in the parking lot, or on the roadside. Some countries have law that prohibits washing with water and detergents in the public space due to pollution, but when you work with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner you don’t need shampoo, bucket or sponge.

These commercial vacuum cleaners offer protection, longevity, and intense shine, while protecting your vehicle’s pain and shielding it against UV rays and acid rain. Special wax polished when used with these advanced vacuum cleaners gives a high gloss body that lasts between 2-4 months.


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