Get Clean Your Car with Automatic Car Wash System

Automatic car wash has made the life easy and fast. These machines wash more than 150 cars in a day and give a beautiful look to the car.

Automatic car wash are available everywhere. They are not very expensive, quick, and easy way to wash the car. Everyone wants that the car should free from dents and should look crystal clear from outside. Automatic car wash cleans the car very nicely and gives finesse to the body of the car. These machines make the car wash easy and faster.


Nowadays no more giant machines are in these days because they consume lot of water and because of laws wastage of water is not allowed. These automatic car wash systems are in these days. Automatic wash machine have big cloth brushes that swirl around the car body to clean the body surface.  The brush is rotated again and again very gently to clean the car body.

Automatic Car wash machine are great if a person is in a hurry. As they are quick they save a lot of time. There are many benefits of these car wash machines. These machines help in saving a lot of water. They also reduce the ground water pollution. The car paint of the car also remains intact and a person can get a good value at the time of sale of the car.

Manual washing uses up to 170 gallons of water, but using this helps to reduce the wastage of water up to 130 gallons. These machines use only 30- 40 gallons of water. Another major benefit of these automatic machines is that they reuse the water. The water used on one car is not thrown away; in fact the water is recycled and reused for another car.

Scrubbing the body of the car with sponges and other clothes tend to scratch the car body’s paint. There are dirt particles on the car and also on the cloth, which when rubbed with the surface of the body gives scratches on the car, on the other hand automatic car washer machines use very soft cloth and the cloth is of very good quality that does not harm the body of the car. They give a perfect and complete look to the car. The car looks completely new and the paint shines after washing. These machines have very soft brushes and do not harm the paint of the body.

These days almost 70% of the people go for automatic cars wash system. This is because everybody has expensive cars and nobody will like to have scratches and marks on the car. These wash systems are now available with almost every dealer. A person just need to drop the car and the car will be cleaned in sometime giving a new and attractive look to the car. These machines are electronically controlled. They can be handled by mobile and from a tablet too. Moreover if the owner of the car washer is away from the outlet, these machines can be controlled through a remote also. These machines can wash up to 20 – 25 vehicles in an hour. So, more than 150 cars can be washed easily in a day.


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