What Automatic Car Wash Dealers Must Know?

Looking for a new franchise business, then you should try car wash. With more people in India owning a car and getting new line of vehicles, having a car wash franchise can really help. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, one can actually get better car wash methods.

The automatic car wash that has gained momentum recently. What is the automatic car wash all about? And when does a car washer need to shift from his usual car wash techniques which include the human labour to the automatic ones? One needs to switch to the automatic car wash machine when the number of cars to be washed per hour is not possible to be cleaned by manual labour.

Automatic Car Wash Machine | Automatic Car Wash Syatem

So, after coming to a conclusion whether an automatic car wash system is needed or not, the dealer needs to decide the type of automatic car wash. There are some car wash systems that will need labour to clean the cars properly. Every kind of automatic car wash system will need an air dryer. If these systems don’t have an air dryer, then manual labour would be necessary to ensure that the car is not only cleaned properly but dried too. Let us have a look at the types of automatic car wash system.

  • Conveyerized tunnel system

This is the most common type of automatic car wash system that the industry has. Cars are shifted on conveyers which are usually anywhere between 35 feet to 100 feet in length. The system generally includes a number of top and side washers, dryer, rinsing arches, waxing arches with the option of water reclaim and spot-free rinse systems.

The one major advantage of this type of automatic car wash system is that a number of cars can be washed a one go on the long conveyer belt. Every car would be cleaned to perfection without the requirement of any hand labor. A basic conveyer car wash system would cost around INR 30 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs.

  • Roll over system

This is another popular choice of automatic car wash systems among top dealers. In this system, the car goes in the car wash and remains static while the machines move around the car. The machines will rinse, clean, wash and dry the car, depending upon the options that the system has.

This is perhaps the only car wash system which doesn’t require a lot of time in easy installation. However, unlike the previous car wash system, it only washes one car at a time. The roll over car wash systems are priced between INR 28 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs approximately depending on the additional need for dryers and others.

  • Spray systems

This is one of the car wash systems where only high pressure rinse is used to clean the car followed by applications of chemicals and everything is done through spray system. It is the last choice among the top dealers when it comes to choosing an appropriate car wash system.

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