Types of Automatic Car Wash System

We enjoy driving our car or truck; especially when it’s shiny and clean. Subsequently, Automatic Car Wash System has gained popularity in the recent times. The convenience of an automated car wash and relatively low cost is what draws vehicle owners to the Car Washer.


Car washes fall into five categories, namely:

  • Self Service
  • Exterior Rollover
  • Exterior Only
  • Full service
  • Detail Shop

Let us learn about each of these categories in detail.

Self Service                          

In self service mode, an open bay (the area where the car sits) is used. This system has a pressure sprayer and a foaming brush, which connects to a large central pump. The sprayer operates on a  coin-operated dial system. The vehicle owner simply inserts the coin and selects from the options- soap, rinse and wax. In this automated car wash equipment a timer shuts off the water source after a specific time period, if you want more water you need to insert more coins in the system.

Exterior Rollover

Exterior roll-over is an Automatic Car Wash Machine installed in the bay. When you drive your car ins the correct position in the bay, a signal informs you to stop. Now the automated equipment moves over your car on a set path, performing the functions of applying soap, rinsing and drying at each stage. This system is gaining popularity and today are commonly seen at gas stations, where the price of washing & cleaning is discounted, combined with buying gas.

Exterior Only

You drive your car into the entrance of a long, tunnel-like bay and out it in the neutral, while the front tire on the driver’s side is positioned on a special conveyor belt. The conveyor belt guides the car through the bay, where the vehicle is soaped, washed, and dried with different automated equipments.

Full Service

Full service is an extension of the exterior-only system. It uses the same automated system of the conveyor belt. The only difference is that the vehicle’s interior is cleaned manually by the attendants, and a few exterior services like wheel-cleaning and hand-drying are available.

Detail Shop

A detail shop uses Automatic Car Wash System to wash the car. Followed by cleaning, polishing and waxing of the car manually by the attendants. Once the wax is applied, the attendant uses a tool called a buffer to remove the wax and polish the car. Thus, detail shop removes the dull paint and small scratches, brighten chrome, remove tar and clean carpets and seats.

In all these five types of car cleaning processes, Automatic Car Wash System is used. No wonder the car washing businesses are rapidly gaining recognition and customers who desire to keep their vehicle in top condition, but run short on time to do it themselves. But before you step into your choicest car detailing shop ensure that you have ample positive feedback to walk into the shop and get the job done. After all, winning compliments on your ride is your top priority, isn’t it?


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