Understanding the Steam Car Washer and its Benefits

Today, a steam car wash is a highly effective method to clean an automobile. Steam dissolves grime, dirt, removes stains, and prevent the build-up of substances. The simple technology of cleaning an automobile with the help of steam machine has made the of cleaning of vehicle exteriors easier.

What is a Steam Car Wash Machine?

A steam car wash machine utilizes water vapor for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the automobile. This Car Cleaning Machine has a feature of an adjustable moisture control, which allows the operator to apply a dry steam for interior cleaning and a wet steam for exterior cleaning. These advanced machines now produce constant heat and pressure, and support two operators simultaneously.

Based on the same work principle is the Steam Jet Car Wash System, it produces water at “steam temperatures”, i.e., a light vapor, which efficiently cleans the interiors and quickly dries.    Meanwhile, a Steam Pressure Car Washer that heats water to steam temperatures to produce water at 212° F and pressures of 1000 PSI. This specification is perfect for cleaning the exteriors of an automobile.


 Why Use Steam Jet Car Washer?

With this unique steam car wash machine, cleaning   vehicle’s exterior, door jambs and interior portion of doors and windows becomes easier as it involves a continuous motion, without reducing the speed or changing tools.

Steam removes grease and salt stains from floor mats, upholstery, trunk gutter and other areas of the automobile. Additionally, you can clean two cars parked beside each other without producing an overspray. Thus, you can wash your automobile without the fear of violating waste-water regulations.

For extremely dirty vehicles, the operator turns up the moisture content in the steam.  This allows the operator to apply a heavily saturated steam that offers greater lubrication and adds more power to  Steam Pressure Car Washer.


Techniques and Chemicals Used  

Steam car wash machine simplifies the car wash.  Holding the spray gun in one hand, the operator first sprays the vehicle’s surface, blowing away dirt, mud and loosening the surface contaminants. This process is followed by spraying a steam trail and wiping it with a soft microfiber towel that absorbs the remaining impurities and dries the automobile surface, simultaneously.

To clean the grill, rims, or any heavily soiled area, the steam is combined with biodegradable, citrus degreaser.

Advantages Galore

Using a the Steam Jet Car Wash System reduces the exterior wash time, the ability to clean the interiors quickly, and reduction in chemical and water consumption. Additionally, steam sanitizes and deodorizes the interior and exterior surfaces without the use of chemicals. Thus, you save time because you can quickly and effortlessly clean the automobile. Some of the steam car wash machines designed for interior cleaning are portable and can be powered by a portable generator. Thus, you can clean your automobile anytime and anywhere you want.

With such remarkable benefits owning a steam car wash machine seems wise; else you can walk into a reliable Car Wash shop and get your automobile cleaned with steam!


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