A Guide To Automatic Car Wash For Dealers

If your small company of car washing machine has finally reached that stage where the number of hands that are working is falling short of the number of cars that you are getting to wash, then it is time to move forward. Apart from being a great indicator of the level at which your company is expanding, this is also a clear sign that you need to get an automatic car wash system.

Complete Car Wash Solutions -Manmachine

Not all dealers go for this step as they are not sure of the facts and how to get this machine to help in their business. Another apparent reason why you should be looking for an automatic car wash machine is when you the costs of labour working for you exceed the profits or the cost of a machine. If you are full of doubts, then this is the place where you will get all the answers.

A point to keep in mind is that not all the car washing machines will be fully automated, some will need labour to operate. And if you are not considering buying an air drier than labor would be required to dry the car for at least 10 minutes.

Conveyorized Tunnel Systems

This is the complete automatic car wash machine, as no extra labor would be required. You can choose the length or volume of the machine which varies from 35- 100 inches and maybe more. This machine includes top and side washers, rinsing and waxing arches, conveyor and dryer.

Automatic M'Start Machine 2

This machine is the top choice by many dealers; because you can wash more than one car in a single time. If you are looking for a conveyor tunnel machine with air dryers and all attachments, then you will have to shell out approximately INR 30 ā€“ 60 Lakhs.

Roll-Over Systems

This system involves the car to be on a stationary platform in the machine and the washers and other tools run around it to clean it. The car is even dried if the system has an air dryer installed. The benefit of this type of system is the ease of installation and the only disadvantage is that one car can be washed in a single go. This type of system will cost approximately INR 25 ā€“ 55 Lakhs for your company.

Spray Systems

This is the latest addition to the block, where chemicals are used to spray all over the car to rinse it using chemicals. Sprays are the best option when it comes to protecting the car paint or applying it again.

There are two types of the spray systems that you can get, one includes driving your car through the drive through and the sprays dissent over it to wash it and the other includes applying chemicals and rinsing it while the car is stationary.

It takes only 4-5 minutes to clean one car through this automatic car wash machine. Based on your budget and need, you can get the one machine which will be the best fit.


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