Which Car Washer Is Best Fit For Your Vehicle?

There are three common types of car washer machines in the market that will help you get your car cleaned and look like brand new. The washers include roll-over, conveyorized tunnel and drive through. What all of them have in common is that they use a friction cleaning method that incorporates a soft cloth or closed cell and foam to clean the surface of your car when it comes in contact with the surface of your car.

One of the things that these car washers take care of is the coating of your car.


Roll-Over Washing System

In this type of washer, your car remains stationary at one place while the machine passes back and forth over the car to clean it. Every step of the washing procedure requires at least one round of the cleaner over the car. The time taken to clean one car is approximately 4 minutes. This is the time taken to clean the car only without any extra services. A maximum of 15 cars can be cleaned with this type of cleaner.

However, if your company wants to add extra services for your customers, then it will take 6 minutes to get one car cleaned and a maximum of 10 cars can be cleaned in a single hour. You will have to shell out INR 20-30 Lakhs for this car washer without the air dryers and ancillary equipment. However, you will have to pay a little extra if you need the air dryers, spot free rinse and reclaim and pay station.


Conveyorized Tunnel System

This car washer system involves pushing a car in and out on a conveyor belt. This one is used commonly by the public car wash systems and the length of each conveyor belt is approximately 35 feet to 200 feet. A smaller conveyor system will be able to only clean 50-55 cars in one hour and the bigger systems are known to clean 180 cars in a single hour.

The time to clean a single vehicle remains the same whether you provide the extra services or not. The cost of getting this wash system is higher than any other car wash system as it cleans more number of cars. You can buy the basic version of this car washer system at INR 35 Lakhs and for getting the advanced version with all the services, you will need INR 40 Lakhs.

Drive-Through Washing System

This car washer is meant for car rental facilities and not available to the general public. Your car moves to a car wash machine and remains fixed as the left tyre is fixed properly to one position. You don’t get extra services when you use this type of car washing system as it is very basic one and just gets you the job done. This helps in washing 50-55 cars in a single hour.

This one is the cheapest of all the car washer systems. As the basic version comes for INR 40 Lakhs and you can add other services for extra bucks.

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