Days of Hand Washing a Car is Gone

Technology has made our lives a lot easier and when we say that, it applies to almost every field. Take for instance, washing a car! Earlier, people had to clean their cars with soap and detergent and it used to take hours to complete the task. Getting the interiors cleaned was another big headache.

But, with technology, now you can get your car cleaned easily at a car washing station because they have all the amenities that make the process easier and takes just a few minutes.

The predecessor of the automatic car wash machine is the self-service car wash machine. You just had to chip in a few coins and your car would be cleaned. You get the option to choose from ingredients like soap and wax or latest washing techniques and the job would be done for you.


The new age of automatic car washers

There are different types of automatic car wash machines that take less time compared to the self-service car washer and provide a lot more features like air drying the car after it is washed.

The first and the best type of automatic car wash machine is obviously the conveyor car wash machine. It has a conveyor belt that carries the car in the washing area. Earlier, the washing part was done by manual labor at the car station but today there are machines to do that. Cleaning, rinsing and waxing is done while the car owner is in the car and when the car comes out, it is air dried with the help of blowers.

Chemicals called pre-soaks are used to clean the cars with the help of spray nozzles. Some of the automatic car wash machines have pre-installed high pressure washers that are used to spray detergent or paint.

There are many steps involved in cleaning the car properly and this is the reason why a person should consider a car wash station rather than cleaning the car on their own. Every part of the car is cleaned properly with the help of the right chemicals and equipment and in just few minutes.

Car manufacturing companies also use automatic car wash machines to clean the spare parts of the car and the newly welded parts. The overall cleaning and process of painting is completed with the help of automatic car wash machines.

The latest in the car washing business is the automatic car washers that use steam to clean the cars. This process of using steam helps in protecting the layer of paint and cleans the dirtiest part of the car. If you go to a good car wash station, they would clean up the interiors of your car too. The drive-through car wash machines are examples of this.

The upholstery and the dashboard should also be cleaned properly once in a month and the best place to do that is an automatic car wash machine. Go for the best one in your neighbourhood or city.


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