Get the Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Your Car

Cleaning up your car can seem a pretty challenging task especially when you have the stubborn stains and marks making their way to your car’s seat. There are many car wash stations that will give your car the full clean-up it really needs, but can you walk into the stations daily? For the remaining days, you need to have a car vacuum cleaner that helps you clean up the small spills and dirt.

Want to have your own personalized cleaning kit available 24*7? Simply, buy the dry vacuum cleaner. There are many factors you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner and the first one is obviously the size of the vacuum cleaner. It wouldn’t be convenient to buy a large vacuum cleaner; hence it is advised to go for a hand held vacuum cleaner that comes with specifications for cleaning up your car.


There are different types of vacuum cleaner that will help in cleaning the mess of your car:

The first one is meant to clean up all the dry dirt and grime and the latter is meant to clean up the stubborn spill of coffee or any other form of liquid dirt. You can also get a combination of both. The power needed to run a dry vacuum cleaner clean up your car is approximately 1.5HP and a capacity of a 1 gallon tank is enough for it. A small of light-weight vacuum cleaner is wall-mountable, too.

Other features that you need to look for in the dry vacuum cleaner include its filters, noise size and horse size. These will help you narrow down your search for the right kind of dry vacuum cleaner.

  • Filters: Filters are meant for trapping dirt and grime and there are many kinds of it. However, if you are prone to any kind of allergies or have asthma, then you need to buy a filter that will take in all the dust particles at once. The HEPA filter is the one that cleans up to 99% of the grime and dust particles. There are other filters that come with microbial treatment to stop the growth of any bacteria or other harmful substances.
  • Hose Size: The hose size will eventually depend on the size of the vacuum and since you are going for the light-weight version of this vacuum cleaner, you will get the smaller hose. However, the extension should be long enough to help you do your job properly.
  • Noise Size: The noisier the equipment, the better it worked. Well, this was obviously the old motto. But, with new technology, you get lower level of noises or rather no noise at all without any compromise on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Go for the one that comes with latest technology.

With these tips in kind, buy a car vacuum cleaner from a trusted shop. You can compare the products’ features and price online, before you make the purchase decision.


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