Clean you’re Cars with High Pressure Car Washers

Apart from the dirt and the grime that your car collects every now and then, there are other types of stains that you just can’t get rid of. If you are having this problem persistently, then it is time for you to change your car washing techniques.

High pressure car washers have taken the lead and not for a simple reason. They are currently the best cleaning device that is used by every major car washing stations. High pressure car washer use the mechanical technique in which water is sprayed at high pressure on the area that needs to be cleaned. The technology of high pressure sprays is also employed in painting the renovated or new cars.


With this technique, the paint sticks for a longer time and you don’t have to worry about the paint coming off your car’s surface. What kind of dirt or grime you want to remove from your car would actually depend on the pressure applied when spraying the water.

High pressure car washers are used to remove any excess dirt from the scrap metal that is used to build up a car. Anything stubborn and the high pressure car washers will do it for you.

Components of a high pressure car washer

The basic components which make up any high pressure car washer include:

  • Motor: the motor can be either a diesel engine or an electric one depending upon your convenience and requirement. There are certain environments for which each of these motor is suited. An electric one can produce pressure up to 2000 psi while the petrol powered engines give you higher power.
  • Pump of high pressure: this one is most essential part of the high pressure car washer because it helps in drawing water from a regular water or supply tank.
  • Control gun or jetting: this is what helps you direct the flow of water in one direction.
  • Nozzle: the high pressure stream of water gushes out from this and it helps you keep focus on one place.

These and supply and working hoses along with fittings are the basic things that you need to put together if you are planning to make up your own high pressure car washer.


Along with controlling the flow of water, some high pressure car washers come with two nozzles which give you the option of changing from a hot stream to a cold stream of water. Some high pressure washers will also give you the liberty of using an extendable hose which makes it easier to clean up the surfaces. High pressure washers can easily go out of control and wreck your car’s exterior instead of cleaning it. Until you are extremely sure about how to handle the hose and the high pressure washer, a professional supervision is advisable. Or you can always go to a car wash station that uses high pressure washers to clean up the cars.

Cleaning your car will be easier because now you have an advanced high pressure car washer system, today.


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