What is Inside Those Vacuum and Upholstery Cleaners of Your Car Washing Machines?

When the dust cries away to show some mercy, you generally don’t agree to it. It is a tough time to you to get your hands off form those particles if not cleaned properly. That is why using a good quality vacuum cleaner will always be handy in many ways.

The Vacuum Cleaner

Different users will have a different take on the same subject making it relatively difficult for you to decide on further. Like for your home a small and portable machine will do, but for industries like car washing, they need huge contraptions.

So here are some incredibly easy ways which would help you zero down the cleaner and make your choice easily.


The Motor Kinds

When you talk about the vacuum cleaner, what should be the first thing in mind? The speed? The electricity consumption? Or The Cost. No! The first thing asked by an educated client like you should be the kind of motor. The following kinds of motors would actually help your cleaners have a small pep up.

Single motors: This is a double stage motor with a power of 220 to 240 V. The water lift capacity of a single motor is between 2000 to 2400 mm of water along with a constant and good airflow. The tank capacity comes to be around just 37 Liters. The weight of such a motor will come to be around 13 to 14 kg.

Double Motor: This is a double stage motor as well with power of 220 to 240 V. The water lift capacity of such motors will be around 2400 mm and the airflow of this is better than a single motor one. The tank capacity is 77 liters. While this motor weighs around 22 kg in weight.

Three Phase Induction Motors: These are those motors which need heavy machine cleaning. The turbine 400 to 500 V machines that they are has a single stage mechanism with tank capacity as high as 75 liters and higher water-lift capacity.  With automatic filter shakers, these motors are well induced and phase relative.


The Upholstery Cleaner

For your car, upholsteries are genuine and clean fabrics. The softness and the quality of the fabric must be maintained only with timely cleaning and methodical machines in use. Like these motors in the upholstery cleaners will help your car washing experience an advantage:

The Motor Kinds

The cleaner with two motors in upholstery cleaners are there with 220 to 240 V of power. With good cooling by pass the water-lift used is 2400 mm. a water tank capacity of 77 kgs also further imbibes a quality holding in the cleaner. The ideal application is to clean all the interior upholstery which has authentic fabrics to be maintained.

There are other motors also available of different kinds with more upgraded version which offer better airflow, water lifting force or even which has more tank storage capacity as they have to alter with the kind of use and amount of detergent or water used for the wash. It varies from car to car and also the kind of wash.

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