Automatic Car Wash System Supplier

Washing your own car at home can be a very tedious job and most people hate to do it. It takes up a lot of time and effort. Automated car washer systems are thus designed for an effortless and quick car cleaning. The car washing agencies utilize this innovative and highly efficient gadget to clean vehicles of any size in their service center.

The technology used is called the automatic Car Wash Machine and involves the use of advanced Steam Car Wash Machine and advanced High Pressure. The most important thing that you will find from the service is timely and economical service, efficient and sanitized cleaning.

Automatic Car Wash System

The accurate estimation of the services essentially includes three important things:

  • The machines that are used in the cleaning process
  • The time you provide for the cleaning and
  • The sophistication of the car

Equipment used by automatic car wash supplier

Not long ago cars were washed at home with the help of bubbling soap and sponges. This lengthy and tedious way of washing your car has been replaced by modern technological advancements in the car wash equipment. These automatic machinery and equipments need no or minimal human assistance.

Conveyer Belts

Conveyer Belts play a major role in the quality and speed of automatic car washer service offered by a car wash service provider. The automated car wash systems used today engages tunnel car wash equipment for a high quality and speedy car wash. This system is made of a conveyor belt system and puts the vehicle onto the conveyor belt for washing. The process involves using soft brushes, soap distributors, and high-pressure wash equipment. The washed car is dried using a high-speed air-dryer.


Many add-on equipments are used in the modern-day car wash system. These include sophisticated devices like triple foamers. The foamers are composed of gentle acting chemicals that protect the car paint without damaging the shine and quality of it.

Silicon based Tire Shining Equipment

A tire-shining unit is another add-on device that is used to offer silicon dressing to tires. A soft-water rinse is used to wash and rinse the car completely before it is dried using hot air dryers.

Equipped with state-of-the-art devices and add-on equipments, including wrap-around brushes and scrubs, flat-belt conveyor, surface conveyor, touch-free belt conveyor, central and coin-op vacuums, the modern day car wash systems have proved to be a great benefit to the individual car owners as well as the automobile industry at large.

The excellent quality wash they offer, the reduced amount of manual effort required for it, the huge amount of time saved, and the cost-effective nature of this service make it indispensable for any car washing needs of the modern times.

For more info please visit our website Call us @ 0120-4256161, 4256262 – (Mr. Karan Sethi – Director, Manmachine)


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