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The Multipurpose Benefits of Advance Vacuum Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner

If you are the owner of a cleaning agency, then you will need the assistance of advance machineries along with the well-trained workforce. The advance cleaning equipment will help your professional cleaners perform efficiently. The impeccable performances of your cleaners will help you earn a flawless reputation in the world of housecleaning. As a result, you will be able to add continual growth to your commercial venture. So, the presence of proper cleaning equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner, will unquestionably add growth to the business of yours.


Usefulness of Vacuum Cleaning

The vacuum cleaners have turned into essential household products. These electronic equipment are capable of performing a range of cleaning duties. These are also available in various shapes and sizes. The features of these products also differ significantly depending upon the capability of these goods. The salient features of these cleaners include:

  • The advance mechanisms of present-day vacuum machines are capable of making your rooms germ-free. These machines can not only eradicate the dusts off your floors, but can also assist you with steam mopping. Steams are considered an effective source for killing germs. So, with steam-mopping you can turn your vacuum cleaners into germ eradicators
  • This electronic device is capable of performing through suction. So, once you use this device to clean the cobwebs, it will also draw in the spiders present on its way. So, you will not only be able get rid of the cobwebs, but also of the creatures making the cobwebs.
  • Since, it performs cleaning through suctioning; it does not spread the dust molecules during the process. So, this product can turn into your ultimate cleaning machine if you are allergic to dust particles.
  • Any vacuum cleaning device is available with different types of apparatus. Some of these tools can help you clean your upholsteries effectively. The sucking-in feature of these cleaners will also help you keep your cushions and bedspreads germ-free.
  • The nozzle-shaped apparatus available with present-day vacuuming devices can help you clean electronic products, such as keyboards.


The aforementioned facts clearly establish the vacuum cleaners as effective cleaning devices. So, if you are the owner of a cleaning service agency, then you must include this device into your cleaning materials. The assistance of these devices can help your staff perform effortlessly. As a result, you will have a satisfied clientele and a contented workforce.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Unlike vacuum cleaners, the Upholstery Cleaners are available with detergent tanks and residual liquid tanks. These features enable you to avail the usefulness of soap-cleaning without any requirement for rinsing.

  • The residual liquid tank enables you to create a foamy mix of detergent and water.
  • Next, you will need to attach the flexible hose to detergent tank of the device.
  • You can now pour the frothy solution onto any tough stain of your upholsteries with the help of the dusting brush.
  • You can let the solution to set for an hour and dry-clean it after that.

This process is helpful in removing any kind of tough stain from any upholstery of yours through the process of dry-cleaning. So, the upholstery cleaner can undoubtedly help your staff perform a variety of cleaning services efficiently. As a result, you will be able to gift your customers with a flawless cleaning service.


Everything Is Automated, So Why Not Car Wash Machines?

Technology has given a touch of modernization or automation to almost everything. And since most of the people in India own a car, this would not come as a surprise that the car washing business has grown into a profoundly lucrative business which is essential. Not everyone has the time or energy to clean their cars so that it shines like a brand new one. But this is what everyone wants when it comes to cars!


So, car wash stations are earning pretty nicely and there is no decline in their growth in the next few years. However, if you are looking for setting up your own car washing station, then the one thing that you would want to do is decide which type of car wash station you are looking for? There are two obvious choices – manual or automated.

Industrial revolution hit us so hard that even the manual car wash stations are not completely dependent on man. In fact, they are only run and supervised by men, all the other cleaning part is done by automated car wash machines.


The oldest form of car wash system is the one where the user drops in coins in the system and then drives his car in the cleaning bay where all the work is handled by the crew and the automated car wash machines. The automated car wash systems are usually in a huge garage where there are plenty of washers, sprayers, brushes and soap and water which will help in the cleaning process.

These products are used to clean the exteriors of the car but for the interiors – upholstery and rug, vacuum cleaning method is used which is highly effective. Overall, this process is the best anyone could opt for when it comes to getting their cars cleaned. You don’t have to leave your car with the car wash stations for a long time either.

The other method which is fully automated is the process where the car is left in the cleaning garage. Here, the car is taken in the cleaning area and instead of chipping in coins, the driver has to pay a customized bill. The car’s tyres have sensor which help in distinguishing it from the large number of cars that show up for cleaning every day.

When it comes to automated car wash systems, you can always go for these four:

  • Self-service car wash
  • Exterior roll over
  • Exterior only
  • Full service wash

With these car wash systems, you will never run out of options when it comes to getting your car cleaned. Moreover, all the systems are affordable and if you love your car, then you know the importance of keeping it in a clean shape and maintaining it regularly. You don’t have to get your car cleaned every day, just once or twice in a month would do it and for other days, you should keep a car cleaning kit handy at home. For thorough cleanings, you always have car wash stations.

Clean you’re Cars with High Pressure Car Washers

Apart from the dirt and the grime that your car collects every now and then, there are other types of stains that you just can’t get rid of. If you are having this problem persistently, then it is time for you to change your car washing techniques.

High pressure car washers have taken the lead and not for a simple reason. They are currently the best cleaning device that is used by every major car washing stations. High pressure car washer use the mechanical technique in which water is sprayed at high pressure on the area that needs to be cleaned. The technology of high pressure sprays is also employed in painting the renovated or new cars.


With this technique, the paint sticks for a longer time and you don’t have to worry about the paint coming off your car’s surface. What kind of dirt or grime you want to remove from your car would actually depend on the pressure applied when spraying the water.

High pressure car washers are used to remove any excess dirt from the scrap metal that is used to build up a car. Anything stubborn and the high pressure car washers will do it for you.

Components of a high pressure car washer

The basic components which make up any high pressure car washer include:

  • Motor: the motor can be either a diesel engine or an electric one depending upon your convenience and requirement. There are certain environments for which each of these motor is suited. An electric one can produce pressure up to 2000 psi while the petrol powered engines give you higher power.
  • Pump of high pressure: this one is most essential part of the high pressure car washer because it helps in drawing water from a regular water or supply tank.
  • Control gun or jetting: this is what helps you direct the flow of water in one direction.
  • Nozzle: the high pressure stream of water gushes out from this and it helps you keep focus on one place.

These and supply and working hoses along with fittings are the basic things that you need to put together if you are planning to make up your own high pressure car washer.


Along with controlling the flow of water, some high pressure car washers come with two nozzles which give you the option of changing from a hot stream to a cold stream of water. Some high pressure washers will also give you the liberty of using an extendable hose which makes it easier to clean up the surfaces. High pressure washers can easily go out of control and wreck your car’s exterior instead of cleaning it. Until you are extremely sure about how to handle the hose and the high pressure washer, a professional supervision is advisable. Or you can always go to a car wash station that uses high pressure washers to clean up the cars.

Cleaning your car will be easier because now you have an advanced high pressure car washer system, today.

Automatic Car Wash System Taking the Lead in the Washing Industry

Car wash stations have a huge business every day, thanks to the multitude of cars people own today. There are certain parts of a car which cannot be cleaned with sponge and detergent water and let’s face it, not everyone has that kind of time these days. This is the reason why car wash stations are important and to handle the huge turnover every day, most of the car wash station owners are going for the automatic car wash system.

Among the many benefits of an automatic car washing system, the top one is the reduced prep-washing. They are designed to take off the load from the workers at the car wash system. However, these machines are not fully automated as a person needs to stay there to keep everything in check.


Types of Car Wash Equipment

When it comes to purchasing an automatic car wash system, you are going in for a big change as you get to handle multiple customers at the same time. There are 4 types of car wash systems which will help you rake in huge profits if used properly. The type of car wash system everyone buys depends on the budget and other factors.

  • Exterior Rollover:

One of the most popular car wash systems, this one is automatically operated. You just need to drive your car in a bay and then a pointer will tell you to stop. Once you are at the required location, the automatic car wash system will shift your car at the right place and the equipment will do their cleaning. These types of car wash systems are usually seen at petrol bunks where you get reduction on the overall price of getting your car washed.

  • Exterior Only:

Keep your car on neutral before sending it in this automatic car wash system. Unlike the earlier wash system, your car goes into a bay and only the front tire is stopped. And the equipment give the car the treatment is needs.

  • Self Service car wash system:

As the name suggests, you get to choose the type of car wash you want to give your car. Your car goes into an open bay area. This car wash system comprises of a pressure sprayer and foaming brush. Both of these are attached to a big pump which gives your car the wash. You are supposed to put a coin and determine the type of car wash you want which can be anything from a soap wash to a wax wash.

  • Full Service:

A conveyor belt is again used in this car wash system. However, this car wash system offers complete wash as there are expert service men involved. They do the left over places and clean them with expert technology. Hand drying and cleaning of the wheels are some of the features of this car wash system. It may not be fully automated but you will get a completely clean car.

Get the Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Your Car

Cleaning up your car can seem a pretty challenging task especially when you have the stubborn stains and marks making their way to your car’s seat. There are many car wash stations that will give your car the full clean-up it really needs, but can you walk into the stations daily? For the remaining days, you need to have a car vacuum cleaner that helps you clean up the small spills and dirt.

Want to have your own personalized cleaning kit available 24*7? Simply, buy the dry vacuum cleaner. There are many factors you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner and the first one is obviously the size of the vacuum cleaner. It wouldn’t be convenient to buy a large vacuum cleaner; hence it is advised to go for a hand held vacuum cleaner that comes with specifications for cleaning up your car.


There are different types of vacuum cleaner that will help in cleaning the mess of your car:

The first one is meant to clean up all the dry dirt and grime and the latter is meant to clean up the stubborn spill of coffee or any other form of liquid dirt. You can also get a combination of both. The power needed to run a dry vacuum cleaner clean up your car is approximately 1.5HP and a capacity of a 1 gallon tank is enough for it. A small of light-weight vacuum cleaner is wall-mountable, too.

Other features that you need to look for in the dry vacuum cleaner include its filters, noise size and horse size. These will help you narrow down your search for the right kind of dry vacuum cleaner.

  • Filters: Filters are meant for trapping dirt and grime and there are many kinds of it. However, if you are prone to any kind of allergies or have asthma, then you need to buy a filter that will take in all the dust particles at once. The HEPA filter is the one that cleans up to 99% of the grime and dust particles. There are other filters that come with microbial treatment to stop the growth of any bacteria or other harmful substances.
  • Hose Size: The hose size will eventually depend on the size of the vacuum and since you are going for the light-weight version of this vacuum cleaner, you will get the smaller hose. However, the extension should be long enough to help you do your job properly.
  • Noise Size: The noisier the equipment, the better it worked. Well, this was obviously the old motto. But, with new technology, you get lower level of noises or rather no noise at all without any compromise on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Go for the one that comes with latest technology.

With these tips in kind, buy a car vacuum cleaner from a trusted shop. You can compare the products’ features and price online, before you make the purchase decision.

Days of Hand Washing a Car is Gone

Technology has made our lives a lot easier and when we say that, it applies to almost every field. Take for instance, washing a car! Earlier, people had to clean their cars with soap and detergent and it used to take hours to complete the task. Getting the interiors cleaned was another big headache.

But, with technology, now you can get your car cleaned easily at a car washing station because they have all the amenities that make the process easier and takes just a few minutes.

The predecessor of the automatic car wash machine is the self-service car wash machine. You just had to chip in a few coins and your car would be cleaned. You get the option to choose from ingredients like soap and wax or latest washing techniques and the job would be done for you.


The new age of automatic car washers

There are different types of automatic car wash machines that take less time compared to the self-service car washer and provide a lot more features like air drying the car after it is washed.

The first and the best type of automatic car wash machine is obviously the conveyor car wash machine. It has a conveyor belt that carries the car in the washing area. Earlier, the washing part was done by manual labor at the car station but today there are machines to do that. Cleaning, rinsing and waxing is done while the car owner is in the car and when the car comes out, it is air dried with the help of blowers.

Chemicals called pre-soaks are used to clean the cars with the help of spray nozzles. Some of the automatic car wash machines have pre-installed high pressure washers that are used to spray detergent or paint.

There are many steps involved in cleaning the car properly and this is the reason why a person should consider a car wash station rather than cleaning the car on their own. Every part of the car is cleaned properly with the help of the right chemicals and equipment and in just few minutes.

Car manufacturing companies also use automatic car wash machines to clean the spare parts of the car and the newly welded parts. The overall cleaning and process of painting is completed with the help of automatic car wash machines.

The latest in the car washing business is the automatic car washers that use steam to clean the cars. This process of using steam helps in protecting the layer of paint and cleans the dirtiest part of the car. If you go to a good car wash station, they would clean up the interiors of your car too. The drive-through car wash machines are examples of this.

The upholstery and the dashboard should also be cleaned properly once in a month and the best place to do that is an automatic car wash machine. Go for the best one in your neighbourhood or city.

Why Vacuum Cleaners Are Best For Car Upholstery?

One thing that car lovers absolutely hate is their cars getting dirty and if you are one of those people, you must be well aware of the fact that it takes a lot of efforts to clean it. Since, there are so many corners of your car taking out every piece of dirt can be tricky.

The more a car is used, the dirtier it gets with food crumbs and spills and even the hair of your pet. So, to keep it clean all the time, you need to maintain the upholstery. While, you can get the detailing of your car done every month, buying car upholstery cleaner is essential to getting the job done.

The best equipment for cleaning the upholstery is of course a vacuum cleaner. With the advancement in technology, there are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market, which will not only help you clean your car’s upholstery but they are compact and easy to use. You can clean the spills and other stains the same time and carry the vacuum cleaners along with you.

Upholstery cleaning

Types of Car Upholstery Cleaners

The first type of car upholstery cleaner that has become a household favorite is the steam cleaner. This one is lightweight at 6 pounds only and comes with built-in dust filler. This filler ensures that no dust particle goes back in the ca. It comes with plenty of accessories to make your upholstery cleaning experience simple and smooth. If you carry your pet in your car, then there is a steam outlet in this cleaner that will eliminate the obnoxious pet odor without any chemicals.

Another great car upholstery cleaner product available in the market today, helps to clean and dry your car seats in a few minutes. These cleaners are light-weight and come with a tough stain brush and crevice spraying tool that makes your job easier. There are two different water tanks for clean and dirty water. So, if your car seats have become unbearable, then this is the cleaner that you have been looking for.

Upholstery Cleaner

Almost every type of car upholstery cleaner is portable and lightweight. Along with this, they are affordable too. The accessories that you get along with the vacuum cleaners include measuring brush, triangle cup, utility brush, floor brush and steam nozzle.

You can keep these car upholstery cleaners in your car all the time or if you want to keep it in your garage, then you can easily use the hose attached to each of these cleaners. The hose is flexible and allows you a better reach of different angles in your car.

The best type of car upholstery cleaners is vacuum cleaners because they give the best results in cleaning the dust out. Different sizes, shapes and weight of vacuum cleaners are available that easily fit your needs and budget. Always go for the compact and lightweight ones with a longer warranty period.

A clean car definitely needs amazing upholstery cleaner!!!

How to Choose a Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are large and bulky machines and this fact cannot be ignored despite their high efficiency. And when it comes to cleaning the upholstery of your car or the places where the car washing machine can’t reach, you need to get something much smaller.

The best type of car Vacuum Cleaner is of course handheld vacuum cleaner. You usually get it along with a larger vacuum machine but nowadays, they come as a single entity designed specifically for cleaning your car. These car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and battery powered which gives you full independence to use it alone without the trouble of a cord.




If you are thinking of buying one of these handheld vacuum cleaners, you need to know how to use it. Let’s get started with the steps to save you time, money and work.

Ensure that the handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight

The weight of your handheld cleaner is the first factor that you have to assess before purchasing it for your car. There are tons of models in the market and you want to get the one that is lightweight and you can use properly without spraining your waist or hands. However, also check for the motor and the cleaning capacity of the cleaner because in some cases, if they are too small, they might not be the best buy.

Next is battery life and charging time

This is the second most important factor that you need to look into after the weight of the handheld vacuum cleaner. If you are going on a trip and need to take the cleaner with you, then you are looking for long battery life with short charging time. The battery life of every handheld vacuum cleaner that you are looking for is given on the website of the company. If you don’t get both, then consider the one that gives you longer battery life as you can charge it easily using a wall charger.


Attachments depends on the use

There are tons of different kinds of attachments that are provided by vacuum cleaners. You need to find the one that gives you the attachments you will need in cleaning your car. For cleaning the interiors of your car, you need a hose attachment because it can get in tight spaces. A brush roll attachment is useful for cleaning the upholstered surfaces of your car which get easily stained.

Ease of use and maintenance of your cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner should fit perfectly in your hand and give you the freedom to move around easily. This is what you need to assess next. And the cost of maintaining your cleaner should not give you huge bills. It should have all the controls and buttons at the right place.

The motor of your car cleaner

Last but not the least, the motor of your car vacuum cleaner should be efficient and strong. If this is not right, then it will take more time and effort to clean your car.

What Makes High Pressure Car Washer So Good?

Car cleaning can be a tall task for an individual, if they don’t know about the detail and nuances of the equipment they use. While many car owners have every kind of conventional equipment like the towel, bucket, and car cleaning chemicals, only a professional car cleaner will know about the equipment that can thoroughly clean the car. And, this famous and useful car cleaning equipment is the high pressure steam car washer.

This is one of the ultimate equipment that combines everything into one to produce the desired cleaning results.

Car Washer | High Pressure Car Washer

Why the high pressure makes the steam cleaner better?

There are several power cleaners in the market that have high pressures to clean the car, but they are not always safe because they can blast off the paint from the car along with the dirt. This is the kind of risk that car owners don’t want to take when they clean their cars. When it comes to taking care of the low amounts of pressure to protect the paint, the cleaners are stuck with the low pressure vapor car washers. These are the car pressure washer which cannot clean the exteriors of the car properly and the stubborn stains and dirt are almost impossible to take off.


This is where the modern day advanced pressure washer comes into play. The reputed big brands which clean cars properly use the high temperatures along with the right amount of pressure to ensure that the car washing machines will clean the car properly.

These high pressure car washer use steam that does not surpass the pressure of 1500 psi and the temperature goes up to 250 degree Fahrenheit that ensures the dirt, grim and other possible stains are removed effectively.

Moreover, these car washing machines comes with low flow rates of 0.5 gpm that ensure that the usage of water does not exceed and the delicate parts of the car are cleaned properly like the engines.

The portable car washing machines

Going to a car washing shop seems the best option whenever your car gets dirt, but won’t it be even better when your car could be cleaned while you are on the move? This is the where the portable car washing machines are very helpful. They are also manufactured with the right specifications to ensure that the delicate parts of your car like the windshields, tires, glass, mirrors and other such parts are cleaned properly without breaking them.

The upholstery of the car becomes a problem because these are the most used parts of the car and not everyone is ready to obey your rules of cleanliness. So, the portable car washing machine can be used to help you quickly clean the upholstery.

Keeping your car neat and tidy won’t be a cumbersome task because you can visit a good car washing shop every month, and use the portable car washing machine for the other urgent times. Now can it get simple and efficient than this?

What Automatic Car Wash Dealers Must Know?

Looking for a new franchise business, then you should try car wash. With more people in India owning a car and getting new line of vehicles, having a car wash franchise can really help. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, one can actually get better car wash methods.

The automatic car wash that has gained momentum recently. What is the automatic car wash all about? And when does a car washer need to shift from his usual car wash techniques which include the human labour to the automatic ones? One needs to switch to the automatic car wash machine when the number of cars to be washed per hour is not possible to be cleaned by manual labour.

Automatic Car Wash Machine | Automatic Car Wash Syatem

So, after coming to a conclusion whether an automatic car wash system is needed or not, the dealer needs to decide the type of automatic car wash. There are some car wash systems that will need labour to clean the cars properly. Every kind of automatic car wash system will need an air dryer. If these systems don’t have an air dryer, then manual labour would be necessary to ensure that the car is not only cleaned properly but dried too. Let us have a look at the types of automatic car wash system.

  • Conveyerized tunnel system

This is the most common type of automatic car wash system that the industry has. Cars are shifted on conveyers which are usually anywhere between 35 feet to 100 feet in length. The system generally includes a number of top and side washers, dryer, rinsing arches, waxing arches with the option of water reclaim and spot-free rinse systems.

The one major advantage of this type of automatic car wash system is that a number of cars can be washed a one go on the long conveyer belt. Every car would be cleaned to perfection without the requirement of any hand labor. A basic conveyer car wash system would cost around INR 30 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs.

  • Roll over system

This is another popular choice of automatic car wash systems among top dealers. In this system, the car goes in the car wash and remains static while the machines move around the car. The machines will rinse, clean, wash and dry the car, depending upon the options that the system has.

This is perhaps the only car wash system which doesn’t require a lot of time in easy installation. However, unlike the previous car wash system, it only washes one car at a time. The roll over car wash systems are priced between INR 28 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs approximately depending on the additional need for dryers and others.

  • Spray systems

This is one of the car wash systems where only high pressure rinse is used to clean the car followed by applications of chemicals and everything is done through spray system. It is the last choice among the top dealers when it comes to choosing an appropriate car wash system.