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Important Considerations for Automatic Car Wash Equipment

In comparison to the manual process for vehicle cleaning, automatic car wash equipment gives better results. It will help prevent scratches on the vehicle body with less time consumption. These are more affordable as well. Most people hand washes their prized vehicles. However, this means waste of time, water, and energy. You can avoid this by going automatic. Understanding the equipment is a good idea. This way you will know how these work and the benefits that you might gain by choosing the services.


Cleaning ability

The best automatic system should remove all types of road films, dirt, and clays effectively. Experts suggest two-part pre-soak. You can program this to suit both low and high pH scenarios. This determines the cleaning ability of touch-free machines. Nozzles offer water impingement leading to dramatic effects when it comes to cleaning your car. Contouring ability of spray tips allow them to reach nearest to the surface of the vehicle. It also undermines the cleaning ability of IBA or in-bay automatic equipment. After cleaning the exteriors, the professionals will use dry vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from interior surfaces.

Rollover tracks/inverted L

Car washes might move on tracks. When needed, they will roll over your vehicle while running down these tracks. For correct positioning of the vehicle, the customers might have to enter the wash. For this reason, many today prefer the inverted L-variety instead. This remains suspended from ceiling, supported by the frame posts. This way, you will have open style bay. Entering these is easier and you can position the car in any way you want. For sizing the vehicle, such automatic equipment will use ultrasonic technology. Customer experiences are better this way. Cleaning advantages associated with every style is different.


Touch free or friction

According to the experts, friction, soft touch washes offer better customer experiences in comparison to touch-free varieties. Still, many people claim that it also leads to vehicular paint damage. While, there is no doubt regarding the fact that friction varieties will remove dirt and debris better, remain prepared for negativities as well. For this reason, many car washes employ the touch-free options more. For cleaning the interiors, one might use wet vacuum cleaner without problems.

Washing speed

One does not have the whole day to wait for effective car cleaning. Therefore, the washing speed matters more than anything else does. Minimal programming is the in thing these days. It offers wash package proper marketing and pricing requirements of the individual. Wash packages programming capabilities and equipment speed will determine the car wash prices. After all, you do not want to stand in unending queues. Sometimes, for the greater good, owners stress more on speed advantages over cleaning results. This leads to short wash cycles. More customers benefit from this automatic car wash system leading to their popularity.

Automatic car wash equipment protects the car resale value. This coupled with the use of Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner for the interiors gives you optimal results.


Why A Professional Help Will Work Wonders With Car Washing?

Have you ever wondered that what is actually stopping you from having a clean environment and making your home and surroundings look brighter, each morning? Time!!! That is what is as precious as anything at the moment of time as you live. Things are a little pesky when it comes to cleaning daily.

The Busy Life

When you have an early train to catch or you have an urgent meeting to be at, your time and money comes first, even before having cleanliness sensed. The car washing system you have just let you down. All these troubles have a simple solution where you can hire someone really professional and get away from all these worries.


But no! You won’t take that step, that easy because you have a fear that things won’t go the way you planned or things may end up in a bad shape like maid cheating on you, servants taking longer leaves, leaving away unplanned and unbalanced acts which seem unprofessional and hinders your schedules etc. All these troubles do bother you and tend to have a second thought for you to hire one.

A Thought

But once you think about it, you will wonder how helpful these services are for your regular issues of cleaning. Like for example your car/s need an extra care every time when you take it out after but then you should also have the right equipment for the ultra-cleaning of your car. The pressure washer Noida can be a really good option to choose as that offers a complete washing experience for your car without having to pay anything extra apart from the real charges of the services.


Just Take It Up

There are companies like these which offer a one month or first time free service. These opportunities should be used in order to judge the real capabilities of the professional help providers who know the right things to get the job done, also when you talk about perfection, these professionals know to use automatic cars equipment way better than a naïve mechanic who just is keen into sucking your time and money.

Fulfill your wishes and also save some really good time so that next time when you plan a trip, your cars, rooms, house and balconies are clean and washed with the right kind of approach. This will definitely make you less cranky when you reach back all tired and strolled.

So why think again and again just to spoil the energy of searching a non-professional service provider. Get your sleeves up and order in for a good, professional set of team for all your car wash requirements. Right from the time of your new car till the services for your old cars, the service providers make sure that all kinds of cars get the right treatment.

Good luck with your search and ensure you compare their service rates before finalizing anything abruptly.

Automatic Car Wash -Make the Full Use of Benefits

Simply purchasing a highly sophisticated car is not everything. You need to take measures to maintain its good looks. Regular washing of the vehicle is an important aspect. For this, you have an automatic car wash. No need to use buckets, mops, and soap with polishes or vehicle conditioners anymore. Simply drive your vehicle inside and the machine will do everything automatically. It saves you both time and effort. Besides, there is no alternative to professional washing. Your DIY endeavours can never match the effectiveness and the results it gives.


These days, a number of options are available at the dealers near you. Some of the major ones are as follows.

  1. Tunnel conveyorized system: this equipment is available based upon the demands of the volume and the length. Complete systems containing air-dryers are one of the available possibilities. The length remains between 35 inches to 100 inches. These contain side and tap washers, waxing, rinsing arches, air-dryer, and conveyor. Here too, as with regular car wash system, options include spot free rinsing and water reclaim systems. The major benefit of this kind of car wash is that you can clean multiple vehicles simultaneously. No manual intervention is needed for cleaning or drying the vehicle thoroughly. With conveyorized system someone just need to run your vehicle within the wash. The machine will do everything else.
  1. Spray systems: this is another popular type of car wash machine that you will find at a number of dealers. These are the most primary of the available systems. This involves chemical application and rinsing afterwards. Those looking for the most basic type of cleaning for their vehicles will love this kind of washing mechanism. This kind of machine uses low-pressure rinsing. Associated spray systems can be of two types,
  • One has spray arches in the series and your vehicle will drive across
  • The second type contains rectangular arch that lowers vertically over vehicle – rinsing, chemical application followed by further rinsing
  1. Rollover systems: this is another of the modern system highly popular with most of the dealers today. Here the vehicle will run within the system, remain stationary. The machine will move over your car rinsing, when washing, no rinsing again. After this, automatic drying is also a part of the cleaning process. This is provided the machine has this feature. Easy installation is one of the major features of this car washing system. However, this cleans only a single car at one time. Based upon the brushes used, three types are available namely
  1. Plastic brushes: dealers are divided regarding the choice of this kind of brushes. Some believe that it scratches the car surface; others consider this gives improved results.
  1. Touch less: this may include chemical wash procedures that do not involve the use of brushes
  1. Cloth brushes: more popular, people consider this as a safer alternative to plastic brushes.

As one can see, automatic train wash is not possible with rollover systems as only a single car will enter the machine.

Everything Is Automated, So Why Not Car Wash Machines?

Technology has given a touch of modernization or automation to almost everything. And since most of the people in India own a car, this would not come as a surprise that the car washing business has grown into a profoundly lucrative business which is essential. Not everyone has the time or energy to clean their cars so that it shines like a brand new one. But this is what everyone wants when it comes to cars!


So, car wash stations are earning pretty nicely and there is no decline in their growth in the next few years. However, if you are looking for setting up your own car washing station, then the one thing that you would want to do is decide which type of car wash station you are looking for? There are two obvious choices – manual or automated.

Industrial revolution hit us so hard that even the manual car wash stations are not completely dependent on man. In fact, they are only run and supervised by men, all the other cleaning part is done by automated car wash machines.


The oldest form of car wash system is the one where the user drops in coins in the system and then drives his car in the cleaning bay where all the work is handled by the crew and the automated car wash machines. The automated car wash systems are usually in a huge garage where there are plenty of washers, sprayers, brushes and soap and water which will help in the cleaning process.

These products are used to clean the exteriors of the car but for the interiors – upholstery and rug, vacuum cleaning method is used which is highly effective. Overall, this process is the best anyone could opt for when it comes to getting their cars cleaned. You don’t have to leave your car with the car wash stations for a long time either.

The other method which is fully automated is the process where the car is left in the cleaning garage. Here, the car is taken in the cleaning area and instead of chipping in coins, the driver has to pay a customized bill. The car’s tyres have sensor which help in distinguishing it from the large number of cars that show up for cleaning every day.

When it comes to automated car wash systems, you can always go for these four:

  • Self-service car wash
  • Exterior roll over
  • Exterior only
  • Full service wash

With these car wash systems, you will never run out of options when it comes to getting your car cleaned. Moreover, all the systems are affordable and if you love your car, then you know the importance of keeping it in a clean shape and maintaining it regularly. You don’t have to get your car cleaned every day, just once or twice in a month would do it and for other days, you should keep a car cleaning kit handy at home. For thorough cleanings, you always have car wash stations.

Automatic Car Wash System Taking the Lead in the Washing Industry

Car wash stations have a huge business every day, thanks to the multitude of cars people own today. There are certain parts of a car which cannot be cleaned with sponge and detergent water and let’s face it, not everyone has that kind of time these days. This is the reason why car wash stations are important and to handle the huge turnover every day, most of the car wash station owners are going for the automatic car wash system.

Among the many benefits of an automatic car washing system, the top one is the reduced prep-washing. They are designed to take off the load from the workers at the car wash system. However, these machines are not fully automated as a person needs to stay there to keep everything in check.


Types of Car Wash Equipment

When it comes to purchasing an automatic car wash system, you are going in for a big change as you get to handle multiple customers at the same time. There are 4 types of car wash systems which will help you rake in huge profits if used properly. The type of car wash system everyone buys depends on the budget and other factors.

  • Exterior Rollover:

One of the most popular car wash systems, this one is automatically operated. You just need to drive your car in a bay and then a pointer will tell you to stop. Once you are at the required location, the automatic car wash system will shift your car at the right place and the equipment will do their cleaning. These types of car wash systems are usually seen at petrol bunks where you get reduction on the overall price of getting your car washed.

  • Exterior Only:

Keep your car on neutral before sending it in this automatic car wash system. Unlike the earlier wash system, your car goes into a bay and only the front tire is stopped. And the equipment give the car the treatment is needs.

  • Self Service car wash system:

As the name suggests, you get to choose the type of car wash you want to give your car. Your car goes into an open bay area. This car wash system comprises of a pressure sprayer and foaming brush. Both of these are attached to a big pump which gives your car the wash. You are supposed to put a coin and determine the type of car wash you want which can be anything from a soap wash to a wax wash.

  • Full Service:

A conveyor belt is again used in this car wash system. However, this car wash system offers complete wash as there are expert service men involved. They do the left over places and clean them with expert technology. Hand drying and cleaning of the wheels are some of the features of this car wash system. It may not be fully automated but you will get a completely clean car.

Days of Hand Washing a Car is Gone

Technology has made our lives a lot easier and when we say that, it applies to almost every field. Take for instance, washing a car! Earlier, people had to clean their cars with soap and detergent and it used to take hours to complete the task. Getting the interiors cleaned was another big headache.

But, with technology, now you can get your car cleaned easily at a car washing station because they have all the amenities that make the process easier and takes just a few minutes.

The predecessor of the automatic car wash machine is the self-service car wash machine. You just had to chip in a few coins and your car would be cleaned. You get the option to choose from ingredients like soap and wax or latest washing techniques and the job would be done for you.


The new age of automatic car washers

There are different types of automatic car wash machines that take less time compared to the self-service car washer and provide a lot more features like air drying the car after it is washed.

The first and the best type of automatic car wash machine is obviously the conveyor car wash machine. It has a conveyor belt that carries the car in the washing area. Earlier, the washing part was done by manual labor at the car station but today there are machines to do that. Cleaning, rinsing and waxing is done while the car owner is in the car and when the car comes out, it is air dried with the help of blowers.

Chemicals called pre-soaks are used to clean the cars with the help of spray nozzles. Some of the automatic car wash machines have pre-installed high pressure washers that are used to spray detergent or paint.

There are many steps involved in cleaning the car properly and this is the reason why a person should consider a car wash station rather than cleaning the car on their own. Every part of the car is cleaned properly with the help of the right chemicals and equipment and in just few minutes.

Car manufacturing companies also use automatic car wash machines to clean the spare parts of the car and the newly welded parts. The overall cleaning and process of painting is completed with the help of automatic car wash machines.

The latest in the car washing business is the automatic car washers that use steam to clean the cars. This process of using steam helps in protecting the layer of paint and cleans the dirtiest part of the car. If you go to a good car wash station, they would clean up the interiors of your car too. The drive-through car wash machines are examples of this.

The upholstery and the dashboard should also be cleaned properly once in a month and the best place to do that is an automatic car wash machine. Go for the best one in your neighbourhood or city.

A Guide To Automatic Car Wash For Dealers

If your small company of car washing machine has finally reached that stage where the number of hands that are working is falling short of the number of cars that you are getting to wash, then it is time to move forward. Apart from being a great indicator of the level at which your company is expanding, this is also a clear sign that you need to get an automatic car wash system.

Complete Car Wash Solutions -Manmachine

Not all dealers go for this step as they are not sure of the facts and how to get this machine to help in their business. Another apparent reason why you should be looking for an automatic car wash machine is when you the costs of labour working for you exceed the profits or the cost of a machine. If you are full of doubts, then this is the place where you will get all the answers.

A point to keep in mind is that not all the car washing machines will be fully automated, some will need labour to operate. And if you are not considering buying an air drier than labor would be required to dry the car for at least 10 minutes.

Conveyorized Tunnel Systems

This is the complete automatic car wash machine, as no extra labor would be required. You can choose the length or volume of the machine which varies from 35- 100 inches and maybe more. This machine includes top and side washers, rinsing and waxing arches, conveyor and dryer.

Automatic M'Start Machine 2

This machine is the top choice by many dealers; because you can wash more than one car in a single time. If you are looking for a conveyor tunnel machine with air dryers and all attachments, then you will have to shell out approximately INR 30 – 60 Lakhs.

Roll-Over Systems

This system involves the car to be on a stationary platform in the machine and the washers and other tools run around it to clean it. The car is even dried if the system has an air dryer installed. The benefit of this type of system is the ease of installation and the only disadvantage is that one car can be washed in a single go. This type of system will cost approximately INR 25 – 55 Lakhs for your company.

Spray Systems

This is the latest addition to the block, where chemicals are used to spray all over the car to rinse it using chemicals. Sprays are the best option when it comes to protecting the car paint or applying it again.

There are two types of the spray systems that you can get, one includes driving your car through the drive through and the sprays dissent over it to wash it and the other includes applying chemicals and rinsing it while the car is stationary.

It takes only 4-5 minutes to clean one car through this automatic car wash machine. Based on your budget and need, you can get the one machine which will be the best fit.

Types of Automatic Car Wash System

We enjoy driving our car or truck; especially when it’s shiny and clean. Subsequently, Automatic Car Wash System has gained popularity in the recent times. The convenience of an automated car wash and relatively low cost is what draws vehicle owners to the Car Washer.


Car washes fall into five categories, namely:

  • Self Service
  • Exterior Rollover
  • Exterior Only
  • Full service
  • Detail Shop

Let us learn about each of these categories in detail.

Self Service                          

In self service mode, an open bay (the area where the car sits) is used. This system has a pressure sprayer and a foaming brush, which connects to a large central pump. The sprayer operates on a  coin-operated dial system. The vehicle owner simply inserts the coin and selects from the options- soap, rinse and wax. In this automated car wash equipment a timer shuts off the water source after a specific time period, if you want more water you need to insert more coins in the system.

Exterior Rollover

Exterior roll-over is an Automatic Car Wash Machine installed in the bay. When you drive your car ins the correct position in the bay, a signal informs you to stop. Now the automated equipment moves over your car on a set path, performing the functions of applying soap, rinsing and drying at each stage. This system is gaining popularity and today are commonly seen at gas stations, where the price of washing & cleaning is discounted, combined with buying gas.

Exterior Only

You drive your car into the entrance of a long, tunnel-like bay and out it in the neutral, while the front tire on the driver’s side is positioned on a special conveyor belt. The conveyor belt guides the car through the bay, where the vehicle is soaped, washed, and dried with different automated equipments.

Full Service

Full service is an extension of the exterior-only system. It uses the same automated system of the conveyor belt. The only difference is that the vehicle’s interior is cleaned manually by the attendants, and a few exterior services like wheel-cleaning and hand-drying are available.

Detail Shop

A detail shop uses Automatic Car Wash System to wash the car. Followed by cleaning, polishing and waxing of the car manually by the attendants. Once the wax is applied, the attendant uses a tool called a buffer to remove the wax and polish the car. Thus, detail shop removes the dull paint and small scratches, brighten chrome, remove tar and clean carpets and seats.

In all these five types of car cleaning processes, Automatic Car Wash System is used. No wonder the car washing businesses are rapidly gaining recognition and customers who desire to keep their vehicle in top condition, but run short on time to do it themselves. But before you step into your choicest car detailing shop ensure that you have ample positive feedback to walk into the shop and get the job done. After all, winning compliments on your ride is your top priority, isn’t it?

What Automatic Car Wash Dealers Must Know?

Looking for a new franchise business, then you should try car wash. With more people in India owning a car and getting new line of vehicles, having a car wash franchise can really help. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, one can actually get better car wash methods.

The automatic car wash that has gained momentum recently. What is the automatic car wash all about? And when does a car washer need to shift from his usual car wash techniques which include the human labour to the automatic ones? One needs to switch to the automatic car wash machine when the number of cars to be washed per hour is not possible to be cleaned by manual labour.

Automatic Car Wash Machine | Automatic Car Wash Syatem

So, after coming to a conclusion whether an automatic car wash system is needed or not, the dealer needs to decide the type of automatic car wash. There are some car wash systems that will need labour to clean the cars properly. Every kind of automatic car wash system will need an air dryer. If these systems don’t have an air dryer, then manual labour would be necessary to ensure that the car is not only cleaned properly but dried too. Let us have a look at the types of automatic car wash system.

  • Conveyerized tunnel system

This is the most common type of automatic car wash system that the industry has. Cars are shifted on conveyers which are usually anywhere between 35 feet to 100 feet in length. The system generally includes a number of top and side washers, dryer, rinsing arches, waxing arches with the option of water reclaim and spot-free rinse systems.

The one major advantage of this type of automatic car wash system is that a number of cars can be washed a one go on the long conveyer belt. Every car would be cleaned to perfection without the requirement of any hand labor. A basic conveyer car wash system would cost around INR 30 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs.

  • Roll over system

This is another popular choice of automatic car wash systems among top dealers. In this system, the car goes in the car wash and remains static while the machines move around the car. The machines will rinse, clean, wash and dry the car, depending upon the options that the system has.

This is perhaps the only car wash system which doesn’t require a lot of time in easy installation. However, unlike the previous car wash system, it only washes one car at a time. The roll over car wash systems are priced between INR 28 Lakhs to INR 65 Lakhs approximately depending on the additional need for dryers and others.

  • Spray systems

This is one of the car wash systems where only high pressure rinse is used to clean the car followed by applications of chemicals and everything is done through spray system. It is the last choice among the top dealers when it comes to choosing an appropriate car wash system.