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Be a Successful Business Person with Proper Car Wash Equipment & Car Washer

I had plans of starting a small-sized car wash business; though, I was worried about its success. I had no experience and I also did not have necessary cleaning equipment. I read of about the efficiency of automatic car wash machine and I was looking for a reliable supplier. The reputation of Manmachine Works precedes itself. The executives of this organization listened to my necessities. They did not try to sale the car wash equipment without proper information.


They suggested two automatic Car Washers – HRC PRO and HRK PRO. I considered the HRC PRO to be suitable for the requirements of my small business. Manmachine delivered some useful cleaning accessories along with this automatic car washer. The HRC PRO seemed like a blessing for my car-cleaning business. My small-sized business has grown into a moderate-sized business venture within one year.

Useful Cleaning Accessories & Chemicals

The HRC PRO is Manmachine’s proprietary high-pressure car washing machine. It has helped me clean 20-25 cars every day. Its Annovi Reverberi pump runs tirelessly and all day long. This machine ships with four useful accessories, but I needed to purchase a few other essential accessories. I also found neutral cleaning agents on Manmachine Works’ website. These chemicals are applicable with HRC PRO and have helped me clean the cars without any damage.

Bubble Mouse

I purchased this highly concentrated neutral car-cleaning shampoo through Manmachine. Its foamy cleaning elements quickly dissolve the grease and dirt particles. This product is pH neutral and has no harmful solvents or alkali. I have used the Bubble Mouse to clean the surface paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and plastics products. This cleaning agent dries up quickly. It prevents the formation of water stains or calcium rings on the car’s surface.


Foam Bottle

This useful accessory was not available with HRC PRO. I purchased it separately from Manmachine. I can attach this useful accessory to the Gun System of HRC PRO and can efficiently soap the cars. I mix Bubble Mouse with water within the bottle. I use the Gun System to spray gentle mists of foam over the cars’ exterior surface and wheels. This bottle has a large screw cap for easy refilling. The Sight-window of this bottle indicates the level of remaining soap. This bottle also helps me adjust the spray patter with its useful mechanism.

Extended Lance & Gun System

The 500 mm long Lance of HRC PRO has not only helped me clean the roof and back of the car. It has also helped me clean the hubcaps, inside the wings/fenders and the tyre treads. I need to attach this lance to the Gun System for easy maneuvering. The long trigger of this Gun System has helped me maintain accurate and consistent flow of water during washing.

The textured grip of the trigger has reduced the chance of any accident due to slippage. The special shape and diameter of the Nozzle’s orifice has helped me wash the cars with gentle spray of water. The nozzle of this car washer can clean toughest stains and dirt particles without damaging the exterior paint, glass-based products or accessories of any car.


Why A Professional Help Will Work Wonders With Car Washing?

Have you ever wondered that what is actually stopping you from having a clean environment and making your home and surroundings look brighter, each morning? Time!!! That is what is as precious as anything at the moment of time as you live. Things are a little pesky when it comes to cleaning daily.

The Busy Life

When you have an early train to catch or you have an urgent meeting to be at, your time and money comes first, even before having cleanliness sensed. The car washing system you have just let you down. All these troubles have a simple solution where you can hire someone really professional and get away from all these worries.


But no! You won’t take that step, that easy because you have a fear that things won’t go the way you planned or things may end up in a bad shape like maid cheating on you, servants taking longer leaves, leaving away unplanned and unbalanced acts which seem unprofessional and hinders your schedules etc. All these troubles do bother you and tend to have a second thought for you to hire one.

A Thought

But once you think about it, you will wonder how helpful these services are for your regular issues of cleaning. Like for example your car/s need an extra care every time when you take it out after but then you should also have the right equipment for the ultra-cleaning of your car. The pressure washer Noida can be a really good option to choose as that offers a complete washing experience for your car without having to pay anything extra apart from the real charges of the services.


Just Take It Up

There are companies like these which offer a one month or first time free service. These opportunities should be used in order to judge the real capabilities of the professional help providers who know the right things to get the job done, also when you talk about perfection, these professionals know to use automatic cars equipment way better than a naïve mechanic who just is keen into sucking your time and money.

Fulfill your wishes and also save some really good time so that next time when you plan a trip, your cars, rooms, house and balconies are clean and washed with the right kind of approach. This will definitely make you less cranky when you reach back all tired and strolled.

So why think again and again just to spoil the energy of searching a non-professional service provider. Get your sleeves up and order in for a good, professional set of team for all your car wash requirements. Right from the time of your new car till the services for your old cars, the service providers make sure that all kinds of cars get the right treatment.

Good luck with your search and ensure you compare their service rates before finalizing anything abruptly.

Automatic Car Wash -Make the Full Use of Benefits

Simply purchasing a highly sophisticated car is not everything. You need to take measures to maintain its good looks. Regular washing of the vehicle is an important aspect. For this, you have an automatic car wash. No need to use buckets, mops, and soap with polishes or vehicle conditioners anymore. Simply drive your vehicle inside and the machine will do everything automatically. It saves you both time and effort. Besides, there is no alternative to professional washing. Your DIY endeavours can never match the effectiveness and the results it gives.


These days, a number of options are available at the dealers near you. Some of the major ones are as follows.

  1. Tunnel conveyorized system: this equipment is available based upon the demands of the volume and the length. Complete systems containing air-dryers are one of the available possibilities. The length remains between 35 inches to 100 inches. These contain side and tap washers, waxing, rinsing arches, air-dryer, and conveyor. Here too, as with regular car wash system, options include spot free rinsing and water reclaim systems. The major benefit of this kind of car wash is that you can clean multiple vehicles simultaneously. No manual intervention is needed for cleaning or drying the vehicle thoroughly. With conveyorized system someone just need to run your vehicle within the wash. The machine will do everything else.
  1. Spray systems: this is another popular type of car wash machine that you will find at a number of dealers. These are the most primary of the available systems. This involves chemical application and rinsing afterwards. Those looking for the most basic type of cleaning for their vehicles will love this kind of washing mechanism. This kind of machine uses low-pressure rinsing. Associated spray systems can be of two types,
  • One has spray arches in the series and your vehicle will drive across
  • The second type contains rectangular arch that lowers vertically over vehicle – rinsing, chemical application followed by further rinsing
  1. Rollover systems: this is another of the modern system highly popular with most of the dealers today. Here the vehicle will run within the system, remain stationary. The machine will move over your car rinsing, when washing, no rinsing again. After this, automatic drying is also a part of the cleaning process. This is provided the machine has this feature. Easy installation is one of the major features of this car washing system. However, this cleans only a single car at one time. Based upon the brushes used, three types are available namely
  1. Plastic brushes: dealers are divided regarding the choice of this kind of brushes. Some believe that it scratches the car surface; others consider this gives improved results.
  1. Touch less: this may include chemical wash procedures that do not involve the use of brushes
  1. Cloth brushes: more popular, people consider this as a safer alternative to plastic brushes.

As one can see, automatic train wash is not possible with rollover systems as only a single car will enter the machine.

A Guide To Automatic Car Wash For Dealers

If your small company of car washing machine has finally reached that stage where the number of hands that are working is falling short of the number of cars that you are getting to wash, then it is time to move forward. Apart from being a great indicator of the level at which your company is expanding, this is also a clear sign that you need to get an automatic car wash system.

Complete Car Wash Solutions -Manmachine

Not all dealers go for this step as they are not sure of the facts and how to get this machine to help in their business. Another apparent reason why you should be looking for an automatic car wash machine is when you the costs of labour working for you exceed the profits or the cost of a machine. If you are full of doubts, then this is the place where you will get all the answers.

A point to keep in mind is that not all the car washing machines will be fully automated, some will need labour to operate. And if you are not considering buying an air drier than labor would be required to dry the car for at least 10 minutes.

Conveyorized Tunnel Systems

This is the complete automatic car wash machine, as no extra labor would be required. You can choose the length or volume of the machine which varies from 35- 100 inches and maybe more. This machine includes top and side washers, rinsing and waxing arches, conveyor and dryer.

Automatic M'Start Machine 2

This machine is the top choice by many dealers; because you can wash more than one car in a single time. If you are looking for a conveyor tunnel machine with air dryers and all attachments, then you will have to shell out approximately INR 30 – 60 Lakhs.

Roll-Over Systems

This system involves the car to be on a stationary platform in the machine and the washers and other tools run around it to clean it. The car is even dried if the system has an air dryer installed. The benefit of this type of system is the ease of installation and the only disadvantage is that one car can be washed in a single go. This type of system will cost approximately INR 25 – 55 Lakhs for your company.

Spray Systems

This is the latest addition to the block, where chemicals are used to spray all over the car to rinse it using chemicals. Sprays are the best option when it comes to protecting the car paint or applying it again.

There are two types of the spray systems that you can get, one includes driving your car through the drive through and the sprays dissent over it to wash it and the other includes applying chemicals and rinsing it while the car is stationary.

It takes only 4-5 minutes to clean one car through this automatic car wash machine. Based on your budget and need, you can get the one machine which will be the best fit.

Get Clean Your Car with Automatic Car Wash System

Automatic car wash has made the life easy and fast. These machines wash more than 150 cars in a day and give a beautiful look to the car.

Automatic car wash are available everywhere. They are not very expensive, quick, and easy way to wash the car. Everyone wants that the car should free from dents and should look crystal clear from outside. Automatic car wash cleans the car very nicely and gives finesse to the body of the car. These machines make the car wash easy and faster.


Nowadays no more giant machines are in these days because they consume lot of water and because of laws wastage of water is not allowed. These automatic car wash systems are in these days. Automatic wash machine have big cloth brushes that swirl around the car body to clean the body surface.  The brush is rotated again and again very gently to clean the car body.

Automatic Car wash machine are great if a person is in a hurry. As they are quick they save a lot of time. There are many benefits of these car wash machines. These machines help in saving a lot of water. They also reduce the ground water pollution. The car paint of the car also remains intact and a person can get a good value at the time of sale of the car.

Manual washing uses up to 170 gallons of water, but using this helps to reduce the wastage of water up to 130 gallons. These machines use only 30- 40 gallons of water. Another major benefit of these automatic machines is that they reuse the water. The water used on one car is not thrown away; in fact the water is recycled and reused for another car.

Scrubbing the body of the car with sponges and other clothes tend to scratch the car body’s paint. There are dirt particles on the car and also on the cloth, which when rubbed with the surface of the body gives scratches on the car, on the other hand automatic car washer machines use very soft cloth and the cloth is of very good quality that does not harm the body of the car. They give a perfect and complete look to the car. The car looks completely new and the paint shines after washing. These machines have very soft brushes and do not harm the paint of the body.

These days almost 70% of the people go for automatic cars wash system. This is because everybody has expensive cars and nobody will like to have scratches and marks on the car. These wash systems are now available with almost every dealer. A person just need to drop the car and the car will be cleaned in sometime giving a new and attractive look to the car. These machines are electronically controlled. They can be handled by mobile and from a tablet too. Moreover if the owner of the car washer is away from the outlet, these machines can be controlled through a remote also. These machines can wash up to 20 – 25 vehicles in an hour. So, more than 150 cars can be washed easily in a day.

India’s No. 1 Car Wash Equipment

India’s No. 1 Car Wash Equipment

Today owning a car is a necessity. Travelling greater distances in comfort and speedily is the aim of this vehicle. And so it becomes our responsibility to take good care of our precious asset, too. Regular maintenance and care is needed for the car to stay in top shape for years. A slight leniency towards its maintenance and repairs can cost you a fortune and put your life at peril, too. Now you wouldn’t want to do that, correct? This article shares a new technology to keep your car sparkling bright; it is called Car Wash Equipment.

Automatic Car Wash Machine allows car owners to keep their vehicle in top condition, regularly. These machines are readily available in the market and if you purchase it then you save time on taking your car to a garage for cleaning. Just plug in the equipments and you are on your way to a sparkling brand new car.

Four Different Types of Car Wash Machines

The market is flooded with numerous car wash machines, each serving a unique purpose. Depending on your requirement, you can select from any of these below mentioned machines.

Steam Car Wash Machine uses steam at high pressure to clean the car exteriors. The steam pulls out the sand and dust particles, and grime attached to the car’s body with utmost care and precision. What more, the steam retains the color of your car and rather adds to the tint, thus making your car appear as if recently purchased.

Vacuum Cleaner is a quick and easy way to clean the interiors of the car (seat, dashboard, and floor). Simply plug in a 400-watt power portable vacuum cleaner and get yourself working on the hard to reach corners in your car’s interiors and within minutes, you get a spotlessly clean car.

Spray Extraction is an oil-based liquid that us sprayed onto the clean body of the car to retain its color. Furthermore, this liquid erases the scratches on the car body, and hides well small dents. Now who doesn’t like that?

High Pressure machine is another equipment to clean the dirt from the car’s body. It uses water running at high pressure to effectively clean the dirt and grime attached to the vehicle’s exterior. You need to mix the car washing shampoo with water in the high-pressure cylinder and press the nozzle to begin cleaning the car’s body.

These different types of Automatic Car Wash Machine are lightweight and highly portable and do their job well. So, when next time you think of driving down to your neighborhood garage stop on the way to purchase these fancy yet highly effective and reliable equipments. Initially they may seem to be expensive but eventually they level out the cost by offering loyal service.

That sounds good, but you don’t have weekends to spare towards cleaning your car, why don’t you employ professionals who can do the job in a short time and for affordable fee?