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Be a Successful Business Person with Proper Car Wash Equipment & Car Washer

I had plans of starting a small-sized car wash business; though, I was worried about its success. I had no experience and I also did not have necessary cleaning equipment. I read of about the efficiency of automatic car wash machine and I was looking for a reliable supplier. The reputation of Manmachine Works precedes itself. The executives of this organization listened to my necessities. They did not try to sale the car wash equipment without proper information.


They suggested two automatic Car Washers – HRC PRO and HRK PRO. I considered the HRC PRO to be suitable for the requirements of my small business. Manmachine delivered some useful cleaning accessories along with this automatic car washer. The HRC PRO seemed like a blessing for my car-cleaning business. My small-sized business has grown into a moderate-sized business venture within one year.

Useful Cleaning Accessories & Chemicals

The HRC PRO is Manmachine’s proprietary high-pressure car washing machine. It has helped me clean 20-25 cars every day. Its Annovi Reverberi pump runs tirelessly and all day long. This machine ships with four useful accessories, but I needed to purchase a few other essential accessories. I also found neutral cleaning agents on Manmachine Works’ website. These chemicals are applicable with HRC PRO and have helped me clean the cars without any damage.

Bubble Mouse

I purchased this highly concentrated neutral car-cleaning shampoo through Manmachine. Its foamy cleaning elements quickly dissolve the grease and dirt particles. This product is pH neutral and has no harmful solvents or alkali. I have used the Bubble Mouse to clean the surface paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and plastics products. This cleaning agent dries up quickly. It prevents the formation of water stains or calcium rings on the car’s surface.


Foam Bottle

This useful accessory was not available with HRC PRO. I purchased it separately from Manmachine. I can attach this useful accessory to the Gun System of HRC PRO and can efficiently soap the cars. I mix Bubble Mouse with water within the bottle. I use the Gun System to spray gentle mists of foam over the cars’ exterior surface and wheels. This bottle has a large screw cap for easy refilling. The Sight-window of this bottle indicates the level of remaining soap. This bottle also helps me adjust the spray patter with its useful mechanism.

Extended Lance & Gun System

The 500 mm long Lance of HRC PRO has not only helped me clean the roof and back of the car. It has also helped me clean the hubcaps, inside the wings/fenders and the tyre treads. I need to attach this lance to the Gun System for easy maneuvering. The long trigger of this Gun System has helped me maintain accurate and consistent flow of water during washing.

The textured grip of the trigger has reduced the chance of any accident due to slippage. The special shape and diameter of the Nozzle’s orifice has helped me wash the cars with gentle spray of water. The nozzle of this car washer can clean toughest stains and dirt particles without damaging the exterior paint, glass-based products or accessories of any car.


How Effectively Do You Know About Car Washing? Let Us Help You Judge

When you are thinking to begin a car washing service or workshop at your city there are certain pre-requisites which need to be satisfied. An efficient car washer makes sure that the cars are washed with full throttle and are expected to have a great way of appeal and durability too.

car washer

Just Glance Through These Points And Create A Check List For Your Automatic Car Wash Service Which You Plan To Set Up:

  • Make sure the car washer has a huge capacity of at least 500 cars to be washed in a month.
  • Maximum efficiency with minimum power input is what you should look out for.
  • The roll over structures which are used for the car washer should be thick, at least up to the size of 50 micras.
  • A car washer with a 4 nozzle wax circuit and shampoo circuit along with those pneumatic circuits for the entire specified ports make a setup which has extremely high power.
  • The Car Washer should bear a really seamless hydraulic circuit so that these can be used both ways where both of them can be used for both the types of water that too with non-drip systems.
  • Also, the washers with rollovers of both wash and dry in one will allow an efficient washing altogether. These should possess a thickness of more than 60 microns so that cleaning becomes much easier and satisfied for the consumers.
  • The price of the Rollovers should be competitive enough with the existing properties it serves.
  • These should have an automatic coating attribute along with it as well. With inbuilt special waxes and high pressure foaming techniques.
  • With minimum water consumption, the nozzles have to be adjusted in a way where such a saving can be possible.
  • Also electricity consumption has to be maintained as well. Like the dryer must have turbines and motors of such power.

automatic car wash

Accessories Used

There are various accessories which help the High Pressure Car Washers to work automatically and with an efficiency that is needed. These ones are the most common and effectual ones which rarely show any dismay in the activity of the washer viz. hose pipes, gun systems, Lance with an average length, micron filters for cleanliness and nozzles.

Places Where They Are Used the Most

Places where such automatic car wash services are in demand would be in workshops and rent in car companies where regularly they have cars to be supplied or repaired. The washing goes up to the level with such powerful motors that they exceed to clean more than 1000 vehicles a month with the same power.

Later on these car washers have to be repaired or serviced for improving their functioning on a longer run.

How to Ensure about the Quality

The car washers which are used for the top models are always the best in quality and stays in the safest mode possible. Tightly controlled and effectively spinning motors are used to ensure the proper performance of the brushes used.

Clean you’re Cars with High Pressure Car Washers

Apart from the dirt and the grime that your car collects every now and then, there are other types of stains that you just can’t get rid of. If you are having this problem persistently, then it is time for you to change your car washing techniques.

High pressure car washers have taken the lead and not for a simple reason. They are currently the best cleaning device that is used by every major car washing stations. High pressure car washer use the mechanical technique in which water is sprayed at high pressure on the area that needs to be cleaned. The technology of high pressure sprays is also employed in painting the renovated or new cars.


With this technique, the paint sticks for a longer time and you don’t have to worry about the paint coming off your car’s surface. What kind of dirt or grime you want to remove from your car would actually depend on the pressure applied when spraying the water.

High pressure car washers are used to remove any excess dirt from the scrap metal that is used to build up a car. Anything stubborn and the high pressure car washers will do it for you.

Components of a high pressure car washer

The basic components which make up any high pressure car washer include:

  • Motor: the motor can be either a diesel engine or an electric one depending upon your convenience and requirement. There are certain environments for which each of these motor is suited. An electric one can produce pressure up to 2000 psi while the petrol powered engines give you higher power.
  • Pump of high pressure: this one is most essential part of the high pressure car washer because it helps in drawing water from a regular water or supply tank.
  • Control gun or jetting: this is what helps you direct the flow of water in one direction.
  • Nozzle: the high pressure stream of water gushes out from this and it helps you keep focus on one place.

These and supply and working hoses along with fittings are the basic things that you need to put together if you are planning to make up your own high pressure car washer.


Along with controlling the flow of water, some high pressure car washers come with two nozzles which give you the option of changing from a hot stream to a cold stream of water. Some high pressure washers will also give you the liberty of using an extendable hose which makes it easier to clean up the surfaces. High pressure washers can easily go out of control and wreck your car’s exterior instead of cleaning it. Until you are extremely sure about how to handle the hose and the high pressure washer, a professional supervision is advisable. Or you can always go to a car wash station that uses high pressure washers to clean up the cars.

Cleaning your car will be easier because now you have an advanced high pressure car washer system, today.

High Pressure Car Washers and Their Uses

One thing that is extremely tough to remove is dirt and grime from cars. The stubborn marks and stains are hard to remove despite using quality products, and if trying too hard to do the job, the paint wears off and this looks obnoxious.

So, if you are not satisfied with your car’s appearance and want to go for something that will not take off the paint, you should use the services of a car washing company that uses high pressure car washer to clean and service cars.


What is a pressure washer?

Pressure washers have become extremely common in the car washing stations because of the ease with which they help to remove dirt, grime, mold, dust and mud. They come with high intensity pressures of water (almost in gallon) and help in taking off the dust particle with simple science of water exerting pressure on an object. The pressure can be set accordingly so that the paint of the car doesn’t come off.

In most cases, people buy their own pressure washers and clean the car at home. The best part about these car washers is that they are built for non-commercial use, making them ideal for cleaning your car at home. The pressure can be easily adjusted and any dirt or flake of paint can be removed easily from the car.

Every car washing station is buying a high pressure car washer for the simple reason that it is more efficient. Water enters the machine at low pressures and then the electric motor ensures that the water is sprayed at a high pressure to clean the surface.

In most cases, high pressure washers are used for spraying paint on the surface of the car too. Due to the high pressure, the paint adheres to the surface of the car very easily and doesn’t come out even due to repeated washing.


Selecting the right kind of washer

If you want to buy a pressure washer, look for different sizes of hoses and opt for the ones that are compact, lightweight and flexible. Also, the nozzles will also vary and you need to choose the one you are comfortable with.

They come with an electric motor that runs the machine and give you the pressure required to clean your cars. For cleaning cars, you need to look for a pressure washer that comes with 1300 to 1900 psi.

Also, the nozzle size will determine the amount of pressure you will get from your pressure washer. The nozzles tips that have narrow sprays will provide more pressure compared to the ones that have wide sprays. Some car washers also come with low-pressure tips to apply detergents for cleaning the car surfaces.

Choosing a high pressure car washer can be a tough job, if you don’t know the specifications and the purpose of it. For getting the paint of your car done again, you should consider a car station and for cleaning you can buy your own car washer.

High Pressure Car Washer

Car cleaning manually can be tedious and consumes a lot of water. Better and new ways of cleaning have come that are fast and hardly takes few minutes in cleaning the stains.

Car cleaning has become one of the hot businesses everywhere. The car should not look clean from outside only but should also classy from inside also. Everyday car attracts lots of dust and so if the car is not cleaned on every day basis, the dusts keeps on getting deposit.


Manual washing of the car though cleans the car but gives lot of scratches and the paints also become dull. Moreover people hardly have time to invest in cleaning of car. It is time consuming and also there is a lot of wastage of water. Automatic car washing machines helps in washing the cars in some minutes and there is no harm to car.

The car washer facility is the automatic machines that clean the car from outside in some minutes. Many times with the help of automatic machines interiors of the car are also cleaned but generally car washing solutions and vacuum cleaner is used to clean the interiors of the car. As everybody is in a hurry nobody has got extra time to invest in cleaning. They just want that the car should be cleaned within few minutes.

So these automatic machines wash the car in some time. Moreover manual car washing takes a lot of time and consumes lot of water. Wastage of water is saved in automatic washing. The water used on one car is recycled and reprocessed and the water is used for the other car.

The automatic machines have very High Pressure Car Washer. They clean the car from outside and make the car body dirt free in few minutes. Small dust particles get stuck between the cracks and it is really very difficult to clean it with hands. The pressure from these machines is so high that the water pressure helps them to dislodge them from the cracks easily.

This Heavy Duty Pressure Washer also removes the smudges, stains from the car. The pressure can also be maintained and increased as per the requirements. These pressures clean the stains very easily and a person is not required to rub the cloth with the hands to clean the stains.

Hot and cold car washer helps in removing the grease, petrochemical residues, fuel stains, graffiti, and grim from the car exteriors. When the hot water is poured with a pressure the grease on the body is removed very easily. Water is heated up to 210 F and the surface of the body is cleaned very easily. The temperature and pressure can be controlled according to the stains. Generally these washers are used at car stations, roads, factories, kitchens and many other places. These are very effective techniques in cleaning the stains. Moreover the stains are clean is some few minutes only.

These new techniques have gained a lot of popularity. Almost 90% of the people in the world get it done. These techniques help in keeping the car brand new. At the time of resale also the car looks new and the person can easily sell the car at good prices.

Professional Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Waterless car vacuum cleaner wash developed in Romania is the first technology to eco-car washing without using water and one of the first launched in Europe. Waterless car washing or car dry cleaning is a new concept of washing and maintaining the vehicle. This new technique involves spraying a special solution on the body that encapsulates, detaches, and remove dust and dirt particles.


The commercial vacuum cleaner instantly dissolves dirt and grime by the phenomenon of emulsion. It involves cleaning the dirty surface with cloth before applying the cleaning products.

Dry vacuum cleaner is simply a revolutionary technology that involves using a complex mixture of organic ingredients for washing, polishing and protecting the car within 15-20 minutes WITHOUT USING WATER! No wonder, the car gets a brand new look and shine as if it is coming straight out of the showroom.

Some products used in the commercial vacuum cleaner are;

ARES 37/1 is used for wet & dry vacuum cleaning. It has a single stage motor that reaches up to 1400w of maximum power. This new product is eco-friendly it does not involve liquid spills and pollutant spills in sewage waste. It has a special feature called static and anti-slip effect that uses Carnauba VAX polish to keep you car clean for a long time. What’s more, this brilliant commercial vacuum cleaner consumes less water and saves precious reserves of drinking water, too.

EXCEL M – 77/2 is ideal for professional cleaning, with two double stage motors reaching up to 2600w of maximum power. This commercial vacuum cleaner when used renders an instant shine while quickly and efficiently cleaning the car. This product works more quickly than washing, drying, polishing in the traditional way. A waterless washing with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner is cheaper than an automatic washing. The microfiber towels can be reused hundreds of times, so the cost is negligible.

What’s more EXCEL M – 77/2 does not contain toxic or hazardous substances instead derived from petroleum or VOCs. (VOCs = volatile organic compounds). It contains silicon or wax and is completely safe, biodegradable, and 100% organic.

3-Phase Induction Motor is ideal for an intensive and continuous cleaning of a vehicle or space. Equipped with a 3.0kw Three-Phase turbine you can use this commercial vacuum cleaner anywhere: in the garden, in front of a building, at work, on the vehicle, in the parking lot, or on the roadside. Some countries have law that prohibits washing with water and detergents in the public space due to pollution, but when you work with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner you don’t need shampoo, bucket or sponge.

These commercial vacuum cleaners offer protection, longevity, and intense shine, while protecting your vehicle’s pain and shielding it against UV rays and acid rain. Special wax polished when used with these advanced vacuum cleaners gives a high gloss body that lasts between 2-4 months.

Best Car Cleaning Products in India

The ritual of the car wash should not be like spring-cleaning, because your car needs the right care because it serves you loyally. Today, the process of car washing has significantly improved with Automatic Car Wash Machine. The science behind it involves pressurized air and water, power buffers, mild detergents and cleaners and of course efforts and time.

Car care involves vacuuming the interiors, cleaning the exterior with mild soap and pressure washings, polishing and waxing the car to maintain its look, and regularly changing the engine and brake oil, and coolant for smooth running of the vehicle for years. With the right mix of car cleaning products and equipments, you will enjoy the weekly or monthly ritual of car wash.

Automatic Car Wash Machines

Automatic Car Wash System

Automatic Car Washer Products that Help

Vacuum Cleaner

With a portable, compact, and cordless, car vacuum cleaner, the job of cleaning the nook and cranny of the interiors becomes easy. A well-powered device with multiple attachments allows you to clean effortlessly, whether it involves cleaning the debris from under the car seat, or cleaning pet hair from carpet and cloth seats. The powerful suction of a car vacuum cleaner cleans intelligently and quickly, simply plug the attachments, power it on and watch your car spotlessly clean in a few minutes. It is certainly better than time-consuming dusters that we often use for cleaning the car.

Spray Extraction

Admit it, vacuuming the services, air vents, and seams and grooves of the infotainment device are impossible. So which is a feasible cleaning method? Using a blast of concentrated air does the trick. With a compact and portable spray extraction can, you can easily clean the hard-to-reach places in the car’s interiors. This battery-operated gadget uses compressed oxygen, which removes the dust particles into tight spaces, when you press the nozzle.

Steam Car Wash Machine

To disinfect the car’s interiors and spotlessly clean it, a steam car wash machine is used. This gadget generates steam in its cylinder when you fill water and switch it on, and the sponge nozzle attached to its’ head cleans the steering wheel, gear box, car seats, dashboard with ease.

High Pressure

Cleaning the dirt and the mud form the car’s body is effortlessly when you use high pressure jet stream of water and a mild car wash detergent. Simply wet the car’s body and sponge it with car wash liquid, followed by subjecting a jet stream to wash away the grime. Now is that not simple?

Windshield Cleaning

Using a sponge into the hard-to-reach and narrow seams of the windshield and windows often leaves spots and streaks, which look ugly. You can use a glass-cleaning tool instead that has a hinged surface to conform easily to the angle of the windshield and windows. Its sharp edges allow you to clean easily the wet dirt from the seams of the glass.

HPEA Air Purifier  

After you have thoroughly cleaned your priced car, it’s time to install an HPEA Air Purifier that kills the bacteria and germs and de-odorizes the interiors. Make sure you invest in a good brand as it works effectively and for longer duration. For more info please visit our website Call us @ 0120-4256161, 4256262 – (Mr. Karan Sethi – Director, Manmachine)