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Maintain Unblemished Interior with Car Vacuum Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner

I have two overactive kids. They mess up my car’s interior on their journey to school. The mess will pile up if I do not perform regular cleaning. This task seemed frustrating and stressful until I bought ARES 37/1 from Manmachine Works. I bought this wet/dry vacuum cleaner for residential purposes and it became an equally efficient car vacuum cleaner. The cleaning task becomes tougher if the kids spill chocolate drinks, syrup or fruit juices on seats or floor-mats. These tough stains are hard to remove. Manmachine Works came to my aid once again. I purchased ESTRO-125 to clean the upholsteries at my home. It became useful also as car upholstery cleaner. My car has now become spotless from inside out.

ARES 37/1

This multipurpose machine helps me clean the wet and dry messes with equal efficiency. It has numerous cleaning attachments and two different types of filtering pots for wet/dry litters.

Flexible Hose

The electric-board is located at one end of the garage. Hence, I need to put the vacuum cleaner in between the power-supply and the car. The length of this hose allows me to clean the interior without any difficulty.

Dusting Brush

I have a Boxer and it sheds fur all over my car. It is impossible to clean these tiny furs through manual dusting. The Dusting Brush becomes my ultimate cleaning assistant at these times. Its long bristles can suck large-to-medium sized debris and tiny furs with equal efficiency. The round-headed bristles of this brush are also gentle on my precious leather covers.

Crevice Tool

I am always worried about the dust particles present inside or on the edges of the grooves of AC machine. These ailing particles start spreading once the machine starts to run. My children may inhale these particles and develop allergic symptoms or serious health conditions.

The crevice tool of ARES 37/1 has relieved me from these worries. I use its slender cleaning head to remove dusts from the grooves. I also use it to clean the car buttons, doorknobs and edges of glass panes.


Car Wash Equipment Tool

The Crevice Car Wash Tool allows me to remove wet or dry litters from the floor of the car. Its curved head has excellent grip on the cars floor. It is also capable of producing powerful suction. It can suction any debris or wet litters with 2400 mm H2O Waterlift capacity.


I needed to fight and eradicate the tough stains. I chose the Estro-125. The 8 liters detergent tank is assimilated to the trolley. It also has a residual tank to collect soiled liquid.

Dual Flexible Hoses

The hose has two separate tubes. One tube delivers liquid cleaning agents onto the stained area. Another tube delivers soiled liquid to the residual tank. These functions happen simultaneously.

Armchair Nozzle

This device has a trigger under the nozzle. I need to squeeze this trigger to spread the cleaning solution. The proprietary cleaning solution works its magic and removes the toughest stain with simple drag of this armchair nozzle. Manmachine Works has brought ease into my life with its proprietary car upholstery cleaner and vacuum cleaning machine.


How to Purchase a Vacuum Cleaner

When you are in the market for vacuum cleaner purchase, you might consider this easy. After all one machine is almost as good as the next. When you actually get right down to the business, you will find that numerous options become available to you. Then, confusion starts to appear and you do not know which one to select. Nowadays, every brand is bringing out its very own model. You will find numerous feature rich state-of-the-art cleaners that promise to be the best for your requirements. While, each one might be ideal individually they may not suit your purpose.

Here below are some considerations that you should know about before making your final choice.


Upright and the canister variety

Between the two, the canister types tend to be the most versatile. Besides cleaning the carpet like the upright variety, they are also capable to clean floors and stairs. What is more, you will be able to get to the dirt lying in the corners using these. Thus, when you want something more from the vacuuming machine, go for the canister type.

Bagless vacuum or the one with bag

Both types of dirt and upholstery cleaner are available in the market. What is more, research has shown that there is practically no difference between the two. Both of this work equally well. When you go for the bagless variety, you can do away with bag replacements. However, cleaning them in turn is somewhat messy compared to the models that use bags. Here you need to maintain the dust containers and the filters on a regular basis. Now, those with bag low on maintenance requirement in comparison. However, if it sucks up an earring accidentally, retrieving it will become a tall task.


The highest ampere choices

People have a tendency to look for upholstery cleaner that offer the maximum benefit. High ampere might be a requirement for some. Those in the market for the highest wattage, power, and ampere should remember that this might not be ideal criteria. One has to look beyond that at the real picture for making the right choices. The performance does not depend upon these factors. Instead, you should look for suction amounts, airflow, the attachments and the complete design. This way you will be able to pick up the most powerful and high performing model.

The reason for using attachments

The attachments of the vacuum cleaner are for enhancing their capability. A number of accessories are available with these. Make it a point to understand the function of each. That way, you will be able to get optimal cleaning results. Use the power motorized nozzle when vacuuming rugs and pile carpets. Use floor/wall brush to clean bare walls and floors. Crevice tool is ideal for removing dirt from air conditioning, heating vents, inside drawers, and from below large appliances. Upholstery attachment will work the best for car interiors, mattresses, curtains, and upholstery fabric. Use the dusting brush to remove dust from molding, blinds and lampshades.

Why Vacuum Cleaners Are Best For Car Upholstery?

One thing that car lovers absolutely hate is their cars getting dirty and if you are one of those people, you must be well aware of the fact that it takes a lot of efforts to clean it. Since, there are so many corners of your car taking out every piece of dirt can be tricky.

The more a car is used, the dirtier it gets with food crumbs and spills and even the hair of your pet. So, to keep it clean all the time, you need to maintain the upholstery. While, you can get the detailing of your car done every month, buying car upholstery cleaner is essential to getting the job done.

The best equipment for cleaning the upholstery is of course a vacuum cleaner. With the advancement in technology, there are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market, which will not only help you clean your car’s upholstery but they are compact and easy to use. You can clean the spills and other stains the same time and carry the vacuum cleaners along with you.

Upholstery cleaning

Types of Car Upholstery Cleaners

The first type of car upholstery cleaner that has become a household favorite is the steam cleaner. This one is lightweight at 6 pounds only and comes with built-in dust filler. This filler ensures that no dust particle goes back in the ca. It comes with plenty of accessories to make your upholstery cleaning experience simple and smooth. If you carry your pet in your car, then there is a steam outlet in this cleaner that will eliminate the obnoxious pet odor without any chemicals.

Another great car upholstery cleaner product available in the market today, helps to clean and dry your car seats in a few minutes. These cleaners are light-weight and come with a tough stain brush and crevice spraying tool that makes your job easier. There are two different water tanks for clean and dirty water. So, if your car seats have become unbearable, then this is the cleaner that you have been looking for.

Upholstery Cleaner

Almost every type of car upholstery cleaner is portable and lightweight. Along with this, they are affordable too. The accessories that you get along with the vacuum cleaners include measuring brush, triangle cup, utility brush, floor brush and steam nozzle.

You can keep these car upholstery cleaners in your car all the time or if you want to keep it in your garage, then you can easily use the hose attached to each of these cleaners. The hose is flexible and allows you a better reach of different angles in your car.

The best type of car upholstery cleaners is vacuum cleaners because they give the best results in cleaning the dust out. Different sizes, shapes and weight of vacuum cleaners are available that easily fit your needs and budget. Always go for the compact and lightweight ones with a longer warranty period.

A clean car definitely needs amazing upholstery cleaner!!!

How to Choose a Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are large and bulky machines and this fact cannot be ignored despite their high efficiency. And when it comes to cleaning the upholstery of your car or the places where the car washing machine can’t reach, you need to get something much smaller.

The best type of car Vacuum Cleaner is of course handheld vacuum cleaner. You usually get it along with a larger vacuum machine but nowadays, they come as a single entity designed specifically for cleaning your car. These car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and battery powered which gives you full independence to use it alone without the trouble of a cord.




If you are thinking of buying one of these handheld vacuum cleaners, you need to know how to use it. Let’s get started with the steps to save you time, money and work.

Ensure that the handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight

The weight of your handheld cleaner is the first factor that you have to assess before purchasing it for your car. There are tons of models in the market and you want to get the one that is lightweight and you can use properly without spraining your waist or hands. However, also check for the motor and the cleaning capacity of the cleaner because in some cases, if they are too small, they might not be the best buy.

Next is battery life and charging time

This is the second most important factor that you need to look into after the weight of the handheld vacuum cleaner. If you are going on a trip and need to take the cleaner with you, then you are looking for long battery life with short charging time. The battery life of every handheld vacuum cleaner that you are looking for is given on the website of the company. If you don’t get both, then consider the one that gives you longer battery life as you can charge it easily using a wall charger.


Attachments depends on the use

There are tons of different kinds of attachments that are provided by vacuum cleaners. You need to find the one that gives you the attachments you will need in cleaning your car. For cleaning the interiors of your car, you need a hose attachment because it can get in tight spaces. A brush roll attachment is useful for cleaning the upholstered surfaces of your car which get easily stained.

Ease of use and maintenance of your cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner should fit perfectly in your hand and give you the freedom to move around easily. This is what you need to assess next. And the cost of maintaining your cleaner should not give you huge bills. It should have all the controls and buttons at the right place.

The motor of your car cleaner

Last but not the least, the motor of your car vacuum cleaner should be efficient and strong. If this is not right, then it will take more time and effort to clean your car.

Professional Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Waterless car vacuum cleaner wash developed in Romania is the first technology to eco-car washing without using water and one of the first launched in Europe. Waterless car washing or car dry cleaning is a new concept of washing and maintaining the vehicle. This new technique involves spraying a special solution on the body that encapsulates, detaches, and remove dust and dirt particles.


The commercial vacuum cleaner instantly dissolves dirt and grime by the phenomenon of emulsion. It involves cleaning the dirty surface with cloth before applying the cleaning products.

Dry vacuum cleaner is simply a revolutionary technology that involves using a complex mixture of organic ingredients for washing, polishing and protecting the car within 15-20 minutes WITHOUT USING WATER! No wonder, the car gets a brand new look and shine as if it is coming straight out of the showroom.

Some products used in the commercial vacuum cleaner are;

ARES 37/1 is used for wet & dry vacuum cleaning. It has a single stage motor that reaches up to 1400w of maximum power. This new product is eco-friendly it does not involve liquid spills and pollutant spills in sewage waste. It has a special feature called static and anti-slip effect that uses Carnauba VAX polish to keep you car clean for a long time. What’s more, this brilliant commercial vacuum cleaner consumes less water and saves precious reserves of drinking water, too.

EXCEL M – 77/2 is ideal for professional cleaning, with two double stage motors reaching up to 2600w of maximum power. This commercial vacuum cleaner when used renders an instant shine while quickly and efficiently cleaning the car. This product works more quickly than washing, drying, polishing in the traditional way. A waterless washing with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner is cheaper than an automatic washing. The microfiber towels can be reused hundreds of times, so the cost is negligible.

What’s more EXCEL M – 77/2 does not contain toxic or hazardous substances instead derived from petroleum or VOCs. (VOCs = volatile organic compounds). It contains silicon or wax and is completely safe, biodegradable, and 100% organic.

3-Phase Induction Motor is ideal for an intensive and continuous cleaning of a vehicle or space. Equipped with a 3.0kw Three-Phase turbine you can use this commercial vacuum cleaner anywhere: in the garden, in front of a building, at work, on the vehicle, in the parking lot, or on the roadside. Some countries have law that prohibits washing with water and detergents in the public space due to pollution, but when you work with this fantastic car vacuum cleaner you don’t need shampoo, bucket or sponge.

These commercial vacuum cleaners offer protection, longevity, and intense shine, while protecting your vehicle’s pain and shielding it against UV rays and acid rain. Special wax polished when used with these advanced vacuum cleaners gives a high gloss body that lasts between 2-4 months.

Best Car Cleaning Products in India

The ritual of the car wash should not be like spring-cleaning, because your car needs the right care because it serves you loyally. Today, the process of car washing has significantly improved with Automatic Car Wash Machine. The science behind it involves pressurized air and water, power buffers, mild detergents and cleaners and of course efforts and time.

Car care involves vacuuming the interiors, cleaning the exterior with mild soap and pressure washings, polishing and waxing the car to maintain its look, and regularly changing the engine and brake oil, and coolant for smooth running of the vehicle for years. With the right mix of car cleaning products and equipments, you will enjoy the weekly or monthly ritual of car wash.

Automatic Car Wash Machines

Automatic Car Wash System

Automatic Car Washer Products that Help

Vacuum Cleaner

With a portable, compact, and cordless, car vacuum cleaner, the job of cleaning the nook and cranny of the interiors becomes easy. A well-powered device with multiple attachments allows you to clean effortlessly, whether it involves cleaning the debris from under the car seat, or cleaning pet hair from carpet and cloth seats. The powerful suction of a car vacuum cleaner cleans intelligently and quickly, simply plug the attachments, power it on and watch your car spotlessly clean in a few minutes. It is certainly better than time-consuming dusters that we often use for cleaning the car.

Spray Extraction

Admit it, vacuuming the services, air vents, and seams and grooves of the infotainment device are impossible. So which is a feasible cleaning method? Using a blast of concentrated air does the trick. With a compact and portable spray extraction can, you can easily clean the hard-to-reach places in the car’s interiors. This battery-operated gadget uses compressed oxygen, which removes the dust particles into tight spaces, when you press the nozzle.

Steam Car Wash Machine

To disinfect the car’s interiors and spotlessly clean it, a steam car wash machine is used. This gadget generates steam in its cylinder when you fill water and switch it on, and the sponge nozzle attached to its’ head cleans the steering wheel, gear box, car seats, dashboard with ease.

High Pressure

Cleaning the dirt and the mud form the car’s body is effortlessly when you use high pressure jet stream of water and a mild car wash detergent. Simply wet the car’s body and sponge it with car wash liquid, followed by subjecting a jet stream to wash away the grime. Now is that not simple?

Windshield Cleaning

Using a sponge into the hard-to-reach and narrow seams of the windshield and windows often leaves spots and streaks, which look ugly. You can use a glass-cleaning tool instead that has a hinged surface to conform easily to the angle of the windshield and windows. Its sharp edges allow you to clean easily the wet dirt from the seams of the glass.

HPEA Air Purifier  

After you have thoroughly cleaned your priced car, it’s time to install an HPEA Air Purifier that kills the bacteria and germs and de-odorizes the interiors. Make sure you invest in a good brand as it works effectively and for longer duration. For more info please visit our website Call us @ 0120-4256161, 4256262 – (Mr. Karan Sethi – Director, Manmachine)